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Dogs are considered man’s best friend. However, this doesn’t mean that they can’t cause severe damage. We at Rosengard Law Group have seen the pain and suffering of the physical and psychological wounds these animals can inflict on their victims first hand.

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What to Do After Being Attacked or Bitten by a Dog

A dog attack can be traumatizing. However, the actions you take thereafter will play a major role in determining the outcome of your case. Our Jersey City dog bite attorneys recommend that you:

Seek medical attention for your injuries

Dog bites can result in serious complications if left unattended to. You may develop an infection that can lead to the development of a disease, impairment or even death. Seeking medical attention should, therefore, be one of your topmost priorities.

Take photos

If you are able to, take photos of your injuries as well as the scene of the incident. These photos can be used as evidence in building your case against the at-fault party.

Take contacts

Did you see witnesses of the event? Take their contact information. You should also take the contact information of the dog owner.

File a dog bite report

This involves getting in touch with the police and filing a report about the incident. This report will be one of the most important pieces of evidence for your claim for compensation. This official report can be used to establish fault. It will also help in investigating whether other incidents involving the same dog have been previously reported.

Contact a dog bite lawyer

It is important to seek the assistance of an experienced Jersey City dog bite attorney as soon as possible. While this is not a requirement in seeking compensation, there are many benefits to hiring a professional. We will fight on your behalf and make use of our extensive experience and network to build a strong case for you.

Types of dog bite claims

Our Jersey City dog bite attorneys are experienced at representing dog bite victims in a wide variety of lawsuits including:

Aggressive incidents

These include those incidents where the dog breaks free from a leash or other type or restraint and attacks the victim. These cases differ based on the type of dog involved. Some dog breeds which are considered dangerous such as Rottweilers and Pit Bulls are excluded from coverage by many insurance policies.

Non-aggressive incidents

These include incidents where dogs attack and bite victims without actually displaying aggressive behavior. These types of incidents are common amongst dogs that haven’t been properly trained. Some dog breeds are also known for this type of behavior.

Aggression of dogs against other dogs

In some cases, the injuries may result when two or more dogs are fighting nearby. You may be eligible for compensation from the owners of the dogs.

Compensation for a Dog Bite

The exact amount you receive in compensation for the dog bite will vary depending on various factors. Our Jersey City lawyers will help you seek compensation for:

Economic damages

We will help you recover compensation for your financial losses resulting from the dog bite. These include:

  • Past and future medical bills including the cost of rehabilitation
  • Lost past and future income
  • Other related expenses

Non-economic damages

These include damages that you suffered that are non-financial. They include:

  • Pain and suffering
  • Loss of enjoyment of life

In some instances, we can help you seek punitive damages. These are intended as a punishment to the dog owner or responsible parties if they set out to intentionally harm you.

Proving a Dog Bite Case

Proving liability in a dog bite case can be complicated. You can rely on the experience and knowledge of our Jersey City dog bite attorneys to help you establish that:

  • The dog belonged to the defendant. This can be easily proved by presenting the registration papers of the dog to the court.
  • The dog attacked you while you were on public property or private property where you had the legal right to be.
  • You were attacked by the dog and suffered injuries as a result.

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