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If you suspect that your elderly loved one has been subjected to abuse while being resident in a nursing home, you should talk to a Jersey City nursing home abuse lawyer. We’ll fight to protect you and your elderly loved one’s rights.

When we leave our loved ones in the care of the professionals at a nursing home, we expect that they will be provided with the high level of care that we’re unable to give at home. It can, therefore, be devastating to discover that our loved ones have been the victims of abuse at the hands of the very professionals we trusted to care for them.

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Our Jersey City nursing home abuse attorneys are experienced and knowledgeable. We’ve successfully represented many victims of nursing home abuse and their families. We’ll fight to get you maximum compensation and bring the responsible parties to justice. Contact us now of free consultation on your case.

Our Jersey City Nursing Home Neglect Lawyers See these Types Of Abuse

Nursing home abuse comes in a wide variety of forms. Our Jersey City nursing home abuse lawyers have extensive experience representing victims of:

Medical malpractice

Many people place their elderly loved ones in nursing homes because of their increasing need for specialized medical care. This includes specific treatments or regular administration of drugs. Failure to provide the right treatment or administer the right drugs on time and in the right quantities may constitute nursing home abuse. Medical malpractice may also take the form of medical errors such as failure to diagnose or writing the wrong prescription.

Poor supervision

Nursing home staff is required to provide proper supervision for residents. This ensures that they are able to provide the residents with timely assistance. Poor supervision or the lack of supervision can endanger the lives of the residents. A resident, for example, may succumb to the effects of overheating or overdose if the staff members are not monitoring their temperature, activities or vital signs.

Failure to contact emergency services

When an emergency arises, the nursing home staff is required to contact emergency services to transfer a hospital. This will ensure that the resident receives the medical care they need on time. Failure to contact emergency services can put the resident’s life in danger.

Negligent hiring practices

It is the responsibility of the nursing home’s management to hire staff members that are qualified and do not present any known risk to residents. This means carrying out thorough background checks to verify their training, qualifications, and experience. They should also check their backgrounds for any behavior that could present a risk to the nursing home residents.

Failure to address dangerous conditions

This includes conditions such as faulty safety railings or torn carpets that could result in slip and fall accidents. Staff and nursing home management are required to provide a reasonably safe environment for the residents. This means that they should address any dangerous condition that poses a risk to the health of the nursing home residents in a timely manner. They can be held liable for injuries resulting from accidents caused by these dangerous conditions.

Physical abuse

This includes sexual abuse as well as physical assault of residents by staff members, guests or other residents. The management of the nursing home is responsible for providing reasonable security to the residents. Failure to do so may result in injury for which the nursing home may be held liable.

Emotional abuse

This may take various forms including verbal abuse or staff members taking advantage of a resident to gain access to their finances.

Common Signs of Nursing Home Abuse

Elderly residents of nursing homes are particularly vulnerable to abuse as they are often unable or unwilling to report these incidents. It is therefore important for family members to remain vigilant and be on the lookout for signs of abuse. Ensure that you speak to a Jersey City nursing home abuse lawyer if you spot any of the following signs of negligence.

Unexplained physical injury such as broken bones, bruises

Physical injuries are often a sign of negligence or abuse in a nursing home. You should especially be alert if your relative has sustained multiple injuries under unexplained circumstances. Multiple accidents are also a warning sign of negligence or abuse.


Bedsores are one of the most common signs of negligence in a nursing home. These lesions develop as a result of prolonged pressure on a particular part of the body. This results in pressure ulcers. Nursing home staff members are required to adjust the position of residents that are unable to do so on their own. This should be done frequently to avoid the development of bedsores. The appearance of these lesions is a sure sign of negligence.

Dehydration or sudden weight loss

Sudden weight loss in a resident can be a sign of malnutrition. Extreme thirst may also be an indication of negligence or abuse. These signs need to be investigated to determine whether the staff members are providing adequate supervision or care.

Dirty conditions

Does your loved one appear not to have received a bath for a long time? Are they wearing dirty clothes? Are their bedding, clothes, and surroundings dirty? Dirty conditions often indicate that the nursing home staff is not providing adequate care for your loved one.

Behavioral changes

Is your loved one who was once cheery suddenly withdrawn and quiet? Do they seem depressed? Do they display signs of fear or withdrawal from physical contact? These may be signs of abuse. Be very keen as some residents may only display this behavior around certain staff members.

Why you Need a Jersey City Nursing Home Abuse Lawyer

When you put your loved one in the care of a nursing home and your loved one is subjected to abuse, you should talk to a Jersey City nursing home abuse attorney as soon as possible. You can approach us for free consultation whether you have evidence of abuse or only suspect neglect. When you reach out to us you can expect:

Clear and reliable counsel

You can rely on our knowledgeable and experienced lawyers to provide you with clear guidance on how to approach your case. We offer free case evaluation and consultation. You’re under no obligation to hire us when you use our free case evaluation services. We’ll help you get a clear picture of your case and the options available to you.

Experienced and skillful Jersey City lawyers to fight in your corner

Our Jersey City nursing home abuse attorneys have years of experience in representing victims of nursing home abuse and their families. We have fought on behalf of many clients to successfully recover compensation for their injuries and damages. We can fight for you too.

A personal and focused approach

Nursing home abuse can be devastating not just for the victim but also for their loved ones. It’s a breach of trust from those who you have trusted to provide your loved one with care. We’ve seen the devastating effects of nursing home abuse first hand. We provide a compassionate, personal and focused approach to our clients. We’ll help you begin the journey towards healing.

We’ll help you protect yourself and others

Nursing home abuse often affects more than just one person. We’ll help you protect your loved one as well as many others that may be current or potential victims. We will help you stop the cycle of trauma that the abuse is spreading.

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