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What is Premises Liability

Premises Liability law is a section of personal injury law. It deals with personal injuries that are caused by unsafe conditions on private or public property.

Like with other personal injury cases, the at-fault party must be shown to have been negligent. To win the case, it should be shown that this negligence resulted in the accident that caused your injuries.

Our experienced and knowledgeable Jersey City premises liability attorneys will work diligently to establish the following important elements in your case:

Duty of care

Property owners are required by law to exercise reasonable care in the operation and maintenance of their property. They are therefore required to provide a safe environment for visitors to their property.

Breach of duty

We will show that the property owner’s action (or lack thereof) was in breach of their duty. Well, investigate your case to uncover evidence that the property owner was aware of the dangerous condition and had ample time in which to secure the property but failed to do so.


We will show that the property owner’s negligence resulted in the accident which caused your injuries. We will also show that you were acting reasonably and not in a way that ought to have resulted in an accident.


We’ll establish that the property owner is therefore liable for damages that you have suffered as a result if the accident. This includes damage to physical property as well as your bodily injuries.

Property Owner’s Duty of Care

Property owners have a legal duty to provide a reasonably safe environment for people who access it. However, New Jersey law limits the property owner’s duty of care depending on the status of the visitor to their property.

New Jersey law divides visitors into three categories. These are:


These are people who have express or implied permission to access the property. They include people like relatives, friends, neighbors, and customers. Property owners have a duty of care to invitees. They are required to maintain a reasonably safe environment for this group of people.


These are people who have implied or express permission from the property owner to access the property. They, however, are visiting the property for their own purposes. These include salesmen. The property owner has a duty of care towards this group of visitors to the property.


These are people who are not authorized to be on the property. These include thieves. Property owners do not have a duty toward this group. The only exception to this is if the trespasser is a child. The property owner has a duty to exercise reasonable care to prevent foreseeable harm befalling children such as fencing or covering their swimming pool to avoid incidents of drowning.

Common Premises Liability Claims

Our Jersey City attorneys are experienced at representing victims of premises liability accidents including those involving:

Slip and fall accidents

These are the most common type of premises liability claims. They are often caused as a result of wet floors, slippery surfaces, defective staircases, poor lighting, and unsecured rugs or carpets.

Swimming pool accidents

These often involve young children gaining access to unsecured pools or using a pool without proper supervision.

Inadequate building security

These may include incidents of assault or murder of tenants or visitors to properties. Property owners have a duty of care to keep their premises secure. They can, for example, provide security guards for an apartment complex.

Dog bites

If you are bitten by a dog while on a person’s property, you may have grounds to sue.

Challenges of Premises Liability Cases

Premises liability cases are often quite complex even when they seem like they are open and shut on the surface. These cases present various challenges including:

Proving negligence

The burden of proof in a premises liability case lies with you, the victim. You, therefore, have to show that the property owner was negligent. This means showing that they were aware of the dangerous condition and had a reasonably long enough time to take action to secure the property.

Proving your injuries were a result of the property owner’s negligence

You will also have to prove that your injuries were a result of the property owner’s negligence. This means presenting medical records as evidence of this.

Greater possibility of going to trial

Because the burden of proof in these types of cases is so high for plaintiffs, insurance companies are often confident about going to trial.
It is therefore important to hire an experienced and knowledgeable Jersey City premises liability lawyer to guide you and fight on your behalf.

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