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Jersey City Truck Accident Lawyer

If you have found your way to this page, you or someone you love may have been involved in a truck accident. These accidents are often catastrophic and sometimes deadly.

It is a devastating event.

In a matter of moments, lives are changed forever.

We understand. We have been through this process with victims, fighting for justice.

This is often a very overwhelming time. With our experience and knowledge, we are here to help.

Truck accidents often result in more severe injuries than accidents only involving passenger cars.  Therefore, seeking compensation for a truck accident can also be more difficult.

Hiring a Jersey City truck accident lawyer, as soon as possible, if you’ve been injured in a truck accident is the best thing you can do.  Our attorneys will fight to recover compensation for your injuries and damages.

You will increase your chances of success with our help.

The injury lawyers at Rosengard Law Group have vast knowledge in recovering compensation for truck accidents.

When everything feels uncertain and overwhelming, another financial burden shouldn’t be one of them. This is one way you do not have to worry.

Our consultation is  free. Free of cost and free of obligation.

You can ask as much as you need, to feel that we are the right team to fight for you. For your loved ones.

Contact us today to speak to a Jersey City truck accident lawyer for free.


Jersey City Truck Accident Lawyer
Jersey City Truck Accident Lawyer


Most Common Causes of Truck Accidents

Truck accidents often have a crippling impact on their victims. The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) ranks the following factors as the most common causes of truck accidents.


Trucking companies are businesses out to make a profit.

However, they sometimes seek to do this at the cost of their truck drivers and other road users. This can have dangerous consequences. Consequences that can affect many lives.

Truck drivers may be forced to drive over long distances for hours without taking a break in order to meet their targets.

These drivers are often back on the road within a short period of time. They get little rest and are therefore experiencing fatigue while behind the wheel.

This causes them to lose concentration and even fall asleep behind the wheel resulting in a truck accident.

Drug or alcohol abuse

Unfortunately, drug and alcohol use is common in the amongst truck drivers.

Many have been known to take drugs or alcohol when they make stops at different towns across the country. Others have even been known to carry the drugs or alcohol along with them while driving.

Truck drivers that drive under the influence of drugs or alcohol are impaired.

They are unable to react appropriately or in good time.

These substances impair judgment and coordination. They can result in road accidents.

This is a tragedy that could have been prevented. It is negligent, dangerous and there needs to be accountability.

Distracted driving

Truck drivers spend hours on the road. This can be quite boring.

It’s not uncommon for drivers to seek out things to keep them occupied.

These often include using the phones to text or call their loved ones or even changing the music selection on their radios. All of these activities amount to distractions.

Distractions make drivers take their eyes off the road. They are therefore often unable to react in good time to prevent an accident.

It only takes a fraction of a second of being distracted for a truck accident to occur.

Reckless driving

Many truck accidents are caused by reckless driving by truck drivers.

This may be one of the most senseless and infuriating causes of accidents.

Truck drivers may be under pressure to meet their deadlines.

They may, therefore, disregard traffic safety rules and drive over the speed limit.

Controlling trucks going at high speeds is difficult. These large and heavy vehicles cannot come to an immediate stop. Sudden breaking often results in the truck veering off the road.

Poor truck maintenance

Trucks are subjected to a lot of wear and tear. They are not only loaded with heavy goods but also driven over long distances.

Trucks require regular maintenance to ensure that they are in top condition.

However, many trucking companies forgo regular maintenance in order to save a buck or two.

These poorly maintained trucks can cause accidents when systems, such as the braking system, fail.

Poor driver training and hiring practices

In order for a driver to be allowed to drive a heavy commercial truck, they must undergo proper training and obtain a special license.

They must also have driven for a specified number of hours in order to qualify for positions as truck drivers.

Truck drivers are required to hire experienced, skilled and well-trained drivers.

However, some companies cut corners and hire poorly trained drivers.

These companies do this in order to save money as untrained, under-qualified drivers provide cheaper labor.

These are negligent actions that may contribute to the cause of an accident. An irresponsible action that can destroy lives.

Overloading or incorrect loading

Trucking companies may try to make as much profit as possible by overloading their trucks.

An overloaded truck is an unstable truck.

These trucks are difficult to handle especially when navigating corners.

Truck accidents are likely to occur when the truck tips over.

Are Truck Accident Claims Different Than Auto Accident Claims?

The approach taken to recover compensation for a truck accident is different from that taken for a motor accident only involving passenger vehicles.

This is one of the many reasons it is in your best interest to hire a truck accident lawyer.  We have specific and seasoned experience in this area.

These claims involve bigger insurance policies

Insurance policies taken by trucking companies are much larger than those taken by individuals who own passenger cars. This is because trucks often cross state borders to deliver cargo.

In addition to this, the damage inflicted by the trucks in an accident is often greater than that of a passenger vehicle.

In the least, it is disastrous. In its worst, it can be fatal. Most often it is traumatic.

Insurance policies can amount to millions of dollars.

Trucks abide by a different set of regulations

Aside from the general rules of the road, trucks are required to adhere to federal regulations.

These include registration of trucking companies and drivers with the Department of Transportation and the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA).

Other regulations include acquiring a special license as well as annual inspection of the trucks and logbooks.

More severe injuries

In many instances, injuries sustained in truck accidents are more severe than those sustained in auto accidents. This is because trucks are larger vehicles.

Accidents involving these large and heavy vehicles often result in severe injuries or even death.

More damage

The large heavy trucks often cause more damage than smaller passenger vehicles. The compensation for property damage would, therefore, be higher.

Pursuing maximum compensation for truck accidents requires unique experience and skills. Our experienced truck accident attorneys will help you to navigate the complexities of truck accidents successfully.

We will fight for maximum compensation. Call 856-284-6446

Do I Need a Jersey City Truck Accident Lawyer?

Seeking compensation for a truck accident can be complex.

It is important to seek the assistance of an experienced and knowledgeable Jersey City truck accident attorney.

We have the resources, skills, and experience needed to successfully recover compensation in a truck accident case.

Increase your chances of obtaining maximum compensation

Our attorneys are experienced in representing victims of truck accidents.

We understand the complicated nature of these cases and know what to expect from the at-fault parties. We know what to look for in order to establish fault and who to go after to recover compensation.

We also know just how much truck accident cases are worth. We will evaluate your case and determine how much you should seek as compensation.

We will fight to get you maximum compensation or your injuries and losses.

Identify all available lines of insurance

One of the biggest complications of truck accident cases is that there are many lines of insurance coverage to pursue.

For example, the truck may be owned by the trucking company but the trailer is owned by a separate corporation. The goods being transported may also be owned by a different entity.

There are several parties that can be held liable for truck accidents.

We have the knowledge, experience, and resources to thoroughly investigate your case and determine which parties can be held liable for your injuries.

We’ll pursue all the parties that contributed to the accident that caused your injuries.

Gain the resources to handle your case

Pursuing compensation for a truck accident can be resource intensive. It involves thorough investigation as well as hiring expert witnesses. It involves a lot of paperwork dealing with different parties.

We have the resources needed to successfully pursue a truck accident claim.

If we are unable to secure a suitable settlement, we have what it takes to pursue the case to court.

You can be sure of high quality legal representation when you choose our firm.

Who Can A Truck Accident Lawyer Hold Liable?

Truck accidents require a different approach than motor accidents only involving passenger cars. This is because there are several parties that can be held liable for the accident. Truck accident collisions rarely only involve the truck driver and the victim.

Our Jersey City truck accident attorneys understand just how complex these cases can get.

We will pursue justice for you and recover the compensation that is rightly yours. We will pursue every possible legal avenue to protect your legal rights.

Our attorneys will seek compensation from:

The truck driver

Truck drivers are the operators of the vehicles. They have a duty to other road users.

They are required to operate the vehicle in a manner that is reasonably safe.

Truck drivers who drive recklessly or under the influence of drugs or alcohol can be held liable for accidents that they cause.

The truck company

Trucking companies may place pressure on drivers to meet unrealistic expectations. The may give them overloaded work schedules in order to increase their profit margins. They may even hire under-qualified drivers in order to save money.

We will investigate the trucking company to determine whether appropriate safety measures were taken in hiring, training and scheduling drivers.

Clients or cargo companies

Clients or cargo companies may want to save money on shipping their products. They may, therefore, overload the truck or load their cargo improperly.

This results in the truck being unstable. This can cause an accident.

Our Jersey City truck accident lawyers will investigate the accident to determine whether the cargo was properly loaded or if the truck was overloaded.

Truck manufacturers

Defective parts or vehicles can result in car accidents. We will determine whether a defective part caused the accident. We will pursue the part or truck manufacturer for compensation for your injuries.

The Role of Black Box Data in Truck Accident Claims

Advances in technology have seen the introduction of data recorders in vehicles. These ‘black boxes’ are devices much like those installed in commercial aircrafts. They log data on the function of the vehicle as well as the driver’s activities.

A Jersey City truck accident attorney will seek a wide variety of evidence to strengthen your claim. This includes data from the black box of the truck involved in the accident.

Some useful data that can be obtained from the truck’s black box includes:

  • Braking information
  • Acceleration
  • Turning information
  • Speed

We will review the data and determine what happened at the time of the accident. This data can be used to recreate the accident and help to establish fault beyond a reasonable doubt.

Commercial Truck Accident Lawsuits

Recovering compensation for a truck accident claim isn’t easy.

When you are faced with recovering from a traumatic event and sustained injuries, this should not be another burden for you to carry.  We are experienced and here to help.

There are many different variables that come into play in these cases. These cases involve different standards and regulations.

There is also much more money at stake for insurance companies. It is therefore not surprising that claims are often met with resistance.

Our legal team is ready for the fight.

We will put our resources to use to fight on your behalf. We’ll work to get you the compensation you deserve.

We understand the complexities of these cases and are familiar with the tricks that defendants use to try and get out of paying compensation.

We will bring the responsible parties to justice so that you can move forward.

Talk to a Jersey City Truck Accident Lawyer

Truck accidents often result in extensive property damage and severe injuries. It is your legal right to seek compensation for your injuries and losses.

Our attorneys are dedicated to providing high quality legal representation to victims of truck accidents.

We’ve seen the devastation that these accidents can cause to victims and their loved ones. We believe that every victim deserves to be heard. We provide legal representation on a contingency fee basis.

This means that you won’t spend a single cent out of your pocket on our services. All our services will be charged as a percentage of the compensation you will receive.

Contact us today to book an appointment for a free consultation with an experienced Jersey City truck accident lawyer.