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New Jersey burn injury attorneys specialize in helping those whose personal injuries are burns, and if you’ve been injured in a fire, you already know about the terrible suffering someone in this situation goes through.

The physical toll alone can be staggering. Burn victims experience terrible pain, and more severe burns require expensive treatment in an intensive care burn center. Then there is the loss of personal property to deal with, not to mention the anxiety over how any of this will be paid for when a victim can’t even work.

Adding insult to injury is the fact that carelessness can be the root cause of these unfortunate situations. When laws and regulations meant to prevent fires aren’t adhered to by those in charge of buildings where people live and work, the result can be a scenario where someone is burned, sometimes seriously.

No one should have to pay for the negligence of others this way, which is why the law specifies that victims deserve to be compensated.

Unfortunately, when you most need help after a fire is also when you’re most vulnerable, and some of the individuals you’ll be dealing with, be they representatives of the insurance company or property managers, will try to take advantage of this.

They consider their job to be playing down their role to ensure they won’t have to pay for hospital bills, lost income, or any of the other direct or indirect consequences of a fire. They may do this at your expense.

This is why it’s imperative that you have a New Jersey burn injury lawyer by your side when dealing with the aftermath of a fire. This is especially true when speaking with a landlord or employer whose best interests will be served by getting you to admit fault.

The attorneys at Rosengard Law Group will not only protect your rights and those of your loved ones, but we’ll also fight hard to make sure the responsible party makes restitution.

At a time like this, attorney fees should be the least of your worries, so you should know that you won’t pay anything unless your case is won.

What Kinds of Litigation Do New Jersey Burn Injury Lawyers Take On?

It’s regrettable but there are many types of circumstances in which someone can be burned, from chemical fires in workplaces to scalding burns caused by busted steam pipes to conflagrations where entire buildings are consumed.

No matter what your specific situation may be, you don’t need to worry because our New Jersey burn injury lawyers have a broad range of experience and are ready to handle burn injury lawsuits resulting from:

  • Fires in public spaces such as stores, dining establishments, hotels, and bars
  • Fires in apartment complexes, including those designated as low-income housing
  • Automobile accidents
  • Fires in offices, factories, or workshops
  • Electrical fires
  • Fires caused by explosions

Maybe you think your injuries don’t fall under the heading of a fire victim’s case because there wasn’t a fire, but burn injury attorneys also handle lawsuits where the burn happened as a consequence of contact with a hot surface or object or when an individual was scalded with a hot liquid.

Even when the injury was the result of more indirect negligence such as having fire exits locked or blocked, you may still have a case.

A no-cost consultation with a New Jersey burn injury lawyer at the Rosengard Law Group is the best way to determine how to proceed in your individual situation.

A New Jersey Burn Injury Attorney Can Help Those Affected by Structure Fires

Fires in residences are, unfortunately, a common cause of burn injuries, and according to data from the National Fire Protection Association, 74 percent of all fire injuries occur during structure fires.

Cooking mishaps are the top reason fires and burn injuries happen in homes. Furthermore, cooking fires take place with more frequency in multi-family structures such as apartment buildings than in single-family houses. The NFPA figures for the period from 2012-2016 show that over 11,600 people were injured in home structure fires that occurred during those five years, and over 5,200 of these injuries were attributable to fires started by cooking activities.

Other leading causes of fires in home structures were electrical malfunctions along with problems with heating equipment and with lighting and electrical equipment such as outlets, wiring, and light switches. It was found that space heaters were the most common cause of heating equipment-related fires.

Regulations requiring the presence of fire safety features are meant to ensure that residents are kept from harm, but there are property managers and landlords who do not adhere to these laws. The result is that someone is burned or even dies in a fire. Instances of this kind of injustice are best handled by a New Jersey burn injury attorney who focuses exclusively on personal injury law and has the experience to assertively pursue every avenue to get you the compensation and the just treatment you deserve.

If You’ve Been Injured in a Fire Because a Landlord was Negligent, Let a New Jersey Burn Injury Lawyer Fight for You

To protect their tenants from what is arguably one of the most damaging events a person can go through, landlords are required to comply with their locality’s fire codes. These rules address the equipment and measures necessary to prevent fires or help stop them from further spreading inside a building. Among the obligations a landlord has is ensuring that:

  • Rental units have the correct number of smoke alarms installed and that batteries for these are checked at necessary intervals
  • Wall-pull fire alarms are present in appropriate locations throughout the structure and are adequately inspected and maintained
  • Fire extinguishers are provided and the manufacturer instructions for servicing them are followed
  • Fire-rated doors are installed and tested annually
  • Electrical wiring and heating systems are properly maintained
  • The clothes dryer vents in laundry rooms are checked for a buildup of lint
  • Any doors and hallways that will serve as escape routes in a fire are accessible and are kept unlocked

Sadly, Rosengard Law Group’s New Jersey burn injury lawyers know all too well what can happen when fire prevention, detection, and suppression standards are ignored or inadequately followed by landlords and property managers. Too often, the result is physical pain and emotional suffering that should not have occurred. We will work tirelessly to help you recover the full amount of compensation you deserve for your injuries and other losses.

An Experienced New Jersey Burn Injury Attorney Can Determine if Fire Protection Laws Were Being Obeyed

Even when landlords adhere to all the regulations necessary to take care of their tenants in single-family homes, it isn’t enough for their renters in apartment complexes since these have additional code requirements. If a dwelling is considered Section 8 housing, then additional federal laws usually apply.

When those in charge of rental property don’t respect these guidelines, resident safety is compromised; should a fire break out, it’s only right they face up to the consequences of their negligence.

Our New Jersey burn injury lawyers can investigate the fire to figure out who is at fault and also handle the gathering of evidence and of substantiating documents.

Among the fire safety features that should be found in a multi-family dwelling, two stand out:

Smoke Alarms

Smoke alarms are stand-alone systems that include smoke detectors that sound an alarm to get people’s attention. These are found inside rental units in the areas where people live and sleep. Codes may specify the exact number per apartment. There’s usually one in an area near where people sleep, typically a hallway, but one smoke alarm inside every bedroom may also be required.

For common areas such as hallways, laundry rooms, and lobbies, the smoke detectors that are installed don’t emit alarms by themselves but instead alert the building’s fire alarm control panel to the presence of smoke. The alarm panel, in turn, sounds alarms that are heard throughout the entire building.

Of course, no matter how effective a smoke alarm is, it won’t do anyone any good unless it’s actually installed. Inspectors at more than one fire tragedy have failed to find the number of smoke alarms in the building that fire codes require. Smoke alarms must also be properly maintained, which means tests at regular intervals and frequent checks to make sure the batteries work.

Fire Extinguishers

It’s highly likely that fire extinguishers, by law, will be required in any apartment building in which you live. In some cases, fire extinguishers will be provided in every apartment, usually in the kitchen, but it’s also possible there may only be one fire extinguisher per floor.

No matter where the extinguishers are located, they must be easy to reach and highly visible, especially if they are in common areas. Allowing anything to be placed in front of them which impedes access, such as furniture, potted plants, or storage bins, recklessly endangers the building’s occupants.

Suing a Landlord for Negligence with the Help of a New Jersey Burn Injury Attorney

Although fire code requirements may not have been met, after a fire those who manage rental properties often intimidate burn victims or their families into forgoing a lawsuit. Sometimes they convince them that somewhere buried in the legalese of their leases is language that states they don’t have a right to sue, whether that’s true or not.

After suffering a fire burn injury, you need an experienced attorney by your side to protect your rights and to be your voice when dealing with a landlord or insurance adjuster. Only someone like a New Jersey burn injury lawyer from the Rosengard Law Group will have the experience, the resources, and the network of experts needed to determine the extent of a landlord’s negligence so that a claim can be started.

New Jersey Burn Injury Attorneys Have Experience Dealing with Defective Fire Products

If you or your family is hurt because a fire product meant to keep you from harm fails to work or is found to be defective, our New Jersey burn injury lawyers will fight tirelessly to get maximum results for your burn injury claim or lawsuit.

If you rent, you most likely don’t get a say in what types of fire protection products your landlord has installed in your apartment complex. You may see smoke alarms and assume you’ll have plenty of warning in case of a fire. However, not all smoke alarms work the same. Ionization smoke alarms excel at sensing fast-moving blazes, while photoelectric smoke alarms are better for detection of smoldering fires. Since the former is less expensive, that’s what is used in many buildings. Evidence has surfaced, however, that shows that ionization smoke alarms have failed to go off in a timely manner.

A lag of up to 30 minutes has been reported, concerning government officials so much that these types of alarms have been banned in Vermont, Iowa, and Massachusetts. In the interest of being prepared for any eventuality, experts recommend that buildings have both types of alarms, but of course, many property managers only see the bottom line. As a result, many multi-family housing units lack photoelectric smoke alarms.

Obtaining Compensation for Workplace Burns with the Help of a New Jersey Burn Injury Lawyer

Depending on your occupation and where you work, you may be at risk for burn injuries. There is a wide range of workplace situations where this might happen to you, but once it does, you need a New Jersey burn injury attorney to advise you. With an experienced attorney by your side, you can file a workers’ compensation claim without worrying that you may inadvertently sign away your rights to file a lawsuit against your boss or company if negligence on their part played any role in the case.

Although a successful workers’ compensation claim may help you financially, it doesn’t take into account the loss of your quality of life. The emotional pain and suffering you’ve been through due to your burn injury or the future pain you’ll experience if you’re permanently disfigured during a fire are things you also deserve to be compensated for.

Additionally, you may have a case for seeking a claim against a third party if there’s evidence that someone outside of your company bears responsibility. This could be the manufacturer of equipment you use, a subcontractor, or the driver of a vehicle that caused the accident or fire.

Call a New Jersey Burn Injury Lawyer to Take the Next Step in Your Case

If you’ve been injured, seeing a health professional right away is crucial, but it’s especially important in burn cases where prompt, specialized medical care improves both prognoses and outcomes. Seeking treatment will also allow you to establish a record of your injuries, a record that will detail what caused your burn injuries and what treatment you have undergone.

Second only to receiving medical treatment is getting in touch with us at the Rosengard Law Group. It won’t cost you anything to see if we can help. Those responsible for your burn injuries or those of your loved ones should be made accountable. Whether it’s negotiating aggressively or fighting for your rights in court, we’ll make sure that you get every dollar available to you given the circumstances of your claim. A New Jersey burn injury lawyer who’ll fight for you can make all the difference, so fill out a free case evaluation form to get started.