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If you’ve been injured in a car accident in New Jersey, we recommend you call us now to file a claim and fight for maximum compensation.

If you don’t file a claim, the insurance company can deny coverage, and you’ll be left with the financial burden.

Insurance companies rarely act fairly when it comes to compensating New Jersey car accident victims.

Despite all the commercials that claim they are there in your time of need, insurance companies care only about their bottom line.

The insurance company is interested in one thing only – paying out as little as possible on your claim, so their NJ auto accident compensation offer will always be less than you deserve.

Medical coverage and therapy are often denied, and many benefits that the car accident victims should receive are “forgotten”.

Your life has just been turned upside down. You are coping with your injuries and facing financial hardships.

The Rosengard Law Group can help you right now. An experienced Rosengard New Jersey car accident lawyer can handle the legal paperwork and insurance companies, so you can concentrate on your physical recovery.



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What Types Of Compensation Will My Attorney Fight For?

The losses that you have as a result of a car accident in New Jersey can quickly add up to a large amount of money.

Medical care is expensive. The cost of treatment will be extremely high if you need emergency care, surgery, or continued care.

Loss of your income and other work benefits can cause financial harm to you and your family.

There are non-economic damages that must be addressed as well. Making a claim for compensation should include everything that you are entitled to under the law, not just an undervalued offer from the insurance company.

Your Rosengard Law Group New Jersey car accident lawyer will seek damages on your behalf for one or more of the following types of compensation:

Medical Costs

Your medical costs will cover everything that is related to your injury. This includes all medical care that you have currently received and all care that you will need in the future.

The value will be based on the actual costs and anticipated future costs.

Lost Wage and Benefits

Your New Jersey car accident attorney will seek compensation for all of your lost wages to date. This includes actual wages and any employer paid for benefits that you may not have received because you were out of work. These benefits include health insurance premiums, contributions to retirement plans, pension, and profit-sharing programs.

Lost Earnings Capacity

We will seek damages for your lost earning capacity if you cannot return to work after your accident, or if you can only return part-time or to a lesser paying position.

Lost earning capacity may also include future benefits that you would have received had you been able to retain your current job.

Other Related Expenses Related To The Car Accident

There are many other expenses that may be directly related to your auto accident. Some of these expenses that you may have include:

  • Cost of household services
  • Damages to your dentures, partials, or other dental work
  • Damages to your prescription glasses
  • Cost associated with making your home accessible if you become disabled
  • Cost of transportation if you need a special vehicle to accommodate a disability
  • Cost of over-the-counter medical supplies

Pain and Suffering

Pain and Suffering is a non-economic damage that varies from case to case. We’ll work closely with your medical care professionals and use the evidence to determine the extent of the pain and suffering.

Your New Jersey car accident lawyer will also include compensation for your pain and suffering that is anticipated in the future because of your injury.

Mental Anguish

Depending on the case, we may make a separate claim for mental anguish or include it in the pain and suffering compensation.

Loss of Consortium

We will seek damages for loss of consortium if your injuries change the way you physically interact with your spouse. We may also file a separate lawsuit on behalf of your spouse to claim for loss of consortium.

Punitive Damages

Punitive damages are only awarded on special cases where the court finds that the actions that caused the accident were willful or exceptionally heinous. The court uses punitive damages as a way of punishing the responsible party for their actions.

In most cases, the court will only award punitive damages if the driver who caused the accident was under the influence or caused the accident on purpose.

Wrongful Death

If the car accident resulted in the loss of life, some qualified family members might be able to seek compensation under Wrongful Death. In New Jersey, qualified family members are usually the surviving spouse and any dependent children.

If you have lost a loved one in an accident, speak to a NJ car accident lawyer about your right to file a wrongful death lawsuit against the responsible party.

What Should I Do After A Car Accident?

The actions that you take right after your car accident will affect your ability to make a claim for compensation. If you are ever involved in a car crash, it is recommended that you use the following steps as a guideline.

Call Emergency Services

Call the police and report the accident, so they can come and investigate the scene and create a report. You cannot file a claim for compensation without an official police report.

Seek Medical Care At Time Of Accident

Even if you believe your injuries are minor, go to the emergency room and have yourself evaluated. The headache or slight dizziness you feel could be a serious injury.

Insurance companies try to deny claims if you seek medical care later than 24 hours from the time of the event. They’ll say your injuries were not related to the vehicle accident.

Do Not Admit Fault

Do not say a word to anyone until you have a New Jersey car accident lawyer set up to speak for you. Do not even say you’re sorry! I know this sounds crazy, but anything you say can be used against you.

Schedule A Free Consultation With A New Jersey Car Accident Attorney

Schedule a free consultation with us, so we can help protect your rights.

Maneuvering the insurance claim process can be very frustrating in New Jersey. It has been shown that accident victims that retain legal services secure compensation packages that are nearly four times the amount they would have managed on their own.

File a NJ Car Accident Report

Call the police and file a car accident report. Do this asap. A police report is a very important piece to be used in supporting your claim. Again, do not admit fault. Call us and speak with a New Jersey car accident lawyer immediately.

Keep Records Of Everything

Document everything related to your accident.

Document the time you missed at work, your medical appointments, and your out-of-pocket expenses related to the car accident.

Keep an injury journal to document how you are progressing with your recovery. Take detailed notes on how the injury has impacted your life.

Keep this journal very honest about the ups and downs relating to your injury, and we’ll use this to build your case.

Continue Medical Care As Directed

Follow all medical care requests from your doctor and avoid missing appointments. Failure to follow care instructions or missed appointments show the insurance company you’re not really injured.

Avoid Social Media

The insurance company is going to monitor your social media accounts for information that can be used against you. Refrain from sharing anything about your accident, injuries, recovery, or legal actions.

What Are Common Examples of Negligence in Car Accidents?

There are no “set types” of car accidents, however, many are caused by the same type of negligent behavior.

Distracted – Texting While Driving

Whether you are talking on the phone, texting, eating, or fidgeting with the radio, you are distracted..

Distracted driving, especially those events related to cell phone use, has become the leading cause of car accidents in New Jersey.

Many people think that looking down to read a text only takes “a few seconds” and will not impact their ability to drive. In reality, it takes eight seconds to read a short text.

This may not sound like a long time, but a car traveling at 55 miles per hour will travel the distance of a football field in eight seconds.

That’s a long distance to be moving without looking at the road!

See our “NJ Texting While Driving Laws And Penalties” infographic.


Speeding is another leading cause of car accidents. When you are exceeding the speed limit, you do not have as much control over your vehicle. Slower speeds allow you to switch lanes, swerve, or stop the car quickly in the event of an emergency.

Failing To Yield The Right Of Way

Failing to yield to the right-of-way, especially when entering or exiting a highway, causes many car and truck accidents. Some cars are forced off the road or into other vehicles when they have their right-of-way interrupted.

Improper Lane Change

Changing lanes without checking your mirrors or using your turn signals can lead to accidents.

Improper lane changes often result in serious car accidents, because both cars will swerve to avoid the other, causing them to hit other cars or objects.

Our NJ car accident lawyers will work with accident recreation experts to gather evidence.

Failure To Stop

Running a stop sign or traffic light is a common car accident cause. This type of accident can be very serious to the car that is hit, because they are usually hit in the part of the vehicle that provides the least protection.

Rear-end collisions happen when the driver fails to stop and smashes into the back of your car.


Tailgating can lead to rear-end collisions or accidents caused by swerving to avoid a rear-end collision. Tailgating is seen as an act of aggressive driving behavior.

Aggressive Behaviors

Aggressive driving behaviors include tailgating, swerving at people, shouting at other drivers, darting in and out of traffic, driving in a manner that scares other drivers, and spontaneous breaking to intimidate the driver behind you.

Driving Under The Influence

A driver’s reaction time is slower when under the influence of drugs or alcohol. Perception of dangers are skewed, and the ability to gauge risk is diminished.

Sadly, many people involved in DUI accidents have very serious injuries because these accidents often involve high speeds.

What Is Comparative Negligence in a New Jersey Car Accident Lawsuit?

It is very important to understand that if you are involved in a car accident your right to seek compensation will be based on two factors.

1. The first factor: the type of insurance and if there’s a limitation on the right to sue for damages.
2. The second factor: comparative negligence.

In New Jersey, the law states that you cannot seek compensation for your losses in a car accident if you are at least 51 percent responsible for the accident.

You can sue for damages if you are 49 percent or less responsible for the accident, however, your award will be reduced by the percentage you were at fault.

For example, if it is found that you were 10 percent responsible, and you were awarded $100,000, your award would be reduced by 10 percent ($10,000). Your final award would be $90,000.

A hire a New Jersey car accident lawyer to aggressively fight to find the truth and prove that the other driver is at fault.

We know that accepting partial responsibility should only be done if there is solid proof that you are partially at fault.

We will review all of the information available about the event, including traffic cameras and dash cams, and find out the truly responsible party.

When we agree to take your case, we do so with the intention of winning. We do not leave anything to chance.

What is my NJ car accident case worth?

This one is hard to answer without speaking with you to find out the details of or accident and your injuries. And, we’ll need to learn what kind of insurance policy and policy limits the other driver has.  The settlement amount will rarely exceed the policy limits.

When can I expect to receive my settlement?

Timing depends on how severe your injuries are (more severe needs more time); what kind of legal representation you have (we like to move fast without leaving money on the table); and if it’s easy to prove fault.  If we can easily prove that the other driver was at fault we can get the maximum compensation from their insurance company in a few months.

Then there’s the negotiation process, which depends on how quickly each party responds, and then we have to complete the settlement paperwork, and we can expect to wait between four and eight weeks to receive your settlement check.

How Does My Car Insurance Policy Work?

Car insurance policies in New Jersey are different than some other states. The type of insurance you have may limit your ability to sue for some types of damages.

For a full understanding of your policies, bring a copy of the insurance documents with you during your FREE CASE EVALUATION with a New Jersey car accident lawyer.

Types of New Jersey Car Insurance Policies

There are five types of car insurance policies that you can have in New Jersey. PIP or Personal Injury Protection is required by all drivers. PIP insurance also has different levels of coverage.

  • Personal Injury Protection (PIP): PIP insurance is a policy that covers your medical expenses in the event of an accident. These policies cover small amounts, like $25,000. Some PIP policies let you “add on” to cover lost wages, expenses for services around your home, and death and funeral benefits.
  • Liability Insurance: Liability policies cover medical expenses and property damages to the other person if you are responsible for the car accident. Most finance companies require that you carry a liability policy or full coverage insurance if you are financing your vehicle.
  • Uninsured Motorist: Uninsured motorist coverage will cover your losses if you had an accident with someone without auto insurance. Uninsured motorist policies generally come with full coverage insurance.
  • Underinsured Motorist: If the other party is at fault, they are responsible for your medical care and other losses. If they don’t have enough insurance to cover your medical care costs and losses, your underinsured motorist policy would kick in. Underinsured motorist insurance is part of a full coverage package.
  • Collision and Comprehensive: These two insurance components are only available for full coverage policyholders. The collision coverage deals with the cost of repairing your vehicle. The comprehensive portion covers damage to your car if it is stolen, damaged by vandalism, or has been damaged in a storm.

Filing a claim for a claim can quickly become overwhelming. Hire a New Jersey car accident lawyer to take care of this for you.

Insurance companies make it complicated to discourage you.

Don’t give up or settle for a small compensation package!

Speak with one of our New Jersey car accident lawyers today! Your case evaluation is FREE. Call 856-284-6446 now to tell us about your injuries.

We’ll review the facts of your case and walk you through the entire process we’ll take to get your life back together.

Accidents On The New Jersey Turnpike

The New Jersey Turnpike, also known as “The Black Dragon”, stretches 117.2 miles.

The Turnpike starts in Bergen County  and it extends into Philadelphia.

With more than 377 million cars, motorcycles, and trucks on the Turnpike, the number of car accidents each year is staggering.

Some parts have more car accidents than others. Areas around Newark, Jersey City, and Cherry Hill appear to be higher risk areas.

The high-volume, high-speed driving on the NJ Turnpike often results in catastrophic injury and death.

Truck Accidents:
The Turnpike is a major route for 18-wheelers with several FedEx and UPS hubs up and down the highway.

Amazon also has distribution centers all over NJ, which contribute to the high number of commercial vehicles on the road.

Click here if your accident involved a truck or 18-wheeler

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