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Distracted driving has become one of the leading causes of car accidents in New Jersey. Nearly 2,000 accidents were caused by distracted drivers last year, resulting in almost 700 injured people and six deaths. Sadly, all distracted driving accidents could have been avoided.

The most common forms of distracted driving events include cell phone use. People trying to text and drive, read messages on social media, or use their phone for any other reason is the leading cause for distracted driving accidents. Eating while driving is the second leading cause of distracted driving.

If a distracted driver has caused an accident, they may be held responsible for the damages and injuries they have caused. If you have been injured in a distracted driving accident, you are encouraged to speak with our Cherry Hill car accident lawyers about your rights as an injury victim.

Tips For Hiring A Camden Car Accident Lawyer

When you have been involved in a car accident, you will want to make sure that you select an attorney that is right for your case. Similar to seeking out a specialist for a medical condition, you should always look for an attorney that has dedicated a portion of their practice to your specific type of injury. Using an attorney with this qualification ensures that they have the knowledge and experience you need to win your case.

Some additional things that you should look for in a Camden car accident attorney include:

Does The Firm Work On A Contingency Basis?

A car accident will create financial hardships from you almost immediately. You will face doctor bills, transportation costs, and you will miss work due to the injuries. This loss of income can cause anyone to face financial uncertainty. Look for a law firm that provides FREE CONSULTATIONS and works on a contingency basis.

Rosengard Law Group works on contingency, it means that there is NEVER A FEE UNTIL THEY WIN. This type of payment plan is beneficial to the injury victim who are facing financial hardships and also guarantees that the lawyer works diligently on the case to win so that they can get paid.

Does The Firm Have The Resources To Investigate My Case?

There are many issues that must be examined in a car accident. New Jersey is a comparative negligence state which means both parties can be held responsible for the accident. If the injured party is found to be 50 percent or more at fault, they cannot make a claim for compensation.

You will need to work with a law firm that has the capabilities to investigate the accident thoroughly so that actual fault percentages can be determined. It is essential that the scene is investigated beyond the police report. Look for a firm that has the resources to represent your case aggressively.

Did The Attorney Answer My Questions?

When you went to your FREE CONSULTATION, did you feel as if the attorney was interested in your case? Did you feel confident with the information that you received? Were all of your questions answered? The client-attorney relationship is very important for a successful case. You will always want to work with an attorney that makes you feel secure about your case.

Types Of Compensation For Camden NJ Car Accident Injuries

New Jersey law gives accident victims specific rights to claim compensation from the parties responsible for their injuries. Your Camden car accident attorney will discuss with you during your initial consultation the types of compensation that you are entitled to for your losses. Your attorney may seek compensation for one or more of the following:

Medical Expenses

All of the expenses associated with treating your injury will be included in this part of the compensation. If you are going to require additional care in the future or need long term care, your attorney will also seek compensation for these future losses. Your attorney will also seek compensation for any out-of-pocket expenses for modifying your home or vehicle to accommodate your injury.

Lost Wages and Benefits

All the income that you lost as a result of the injury will be claimed as part of the compensation package. This includes all of your regular income and any employer contributions to your retirement or health insurance plans that you may have forfeited because of your absence.

Future Earning Capacity

If you will be unable to return to work because of your injuries, or if you have to return at a limited capacity or a lower paying position because of your injuries, your attorney will claim these losses. This type of compensation may not apply to your case. If this compensation does apply, your attorney will explain in depth how this figure is calculated.

Cost of Services

Injuries can change what you can and cannot do around your home. If your injuries are preventing you from doing things around the home that you always do and now you have to pay someone else to do, your lawyer will seek compensation for what you have paid and any future payments you may have to make for these services. These services may include home or auto repair, yard work, home cleaning, child care, care for an elderly parent, or walking the dog.

Loss of Consortium

When an injury changes the way you can interact with your spouse, you have the right to seek compensation for this loss. Your Camden car accident attorney may also file a separate lawsuit on behalf of your spouse for this same loss.

Pain and Suffering and Mental Anguish

Pain and suffering and mental anguish are all types of injuries that someone endures in a car accident. This is also a very personal type of loss and will vary from person to person. Your attorney will work closely with you and your medical care providers to get an accurate picture of how your injuries have impacted your life so that they can reach a fair settlement amount for this type of injury.

Disability or Disfigurement

In some case, the injury causes permanent disability or disfigurement to the injury victim. If this applies to your case, your Camden car accident lawyer is going to seek additional compensation for this type of permanent injury.

Punitive Damages

Punitive damages are generally reserved for special cases. Punitive damages are used by the court as a financial punishment for a behavior that they wish to discourage in the future. This type of compensation DOES NOT apply to all cases. However, it is not unusual for the courts to impose punitive damages when driving under the influence or distracted driving is involved. Your attorney will discuss with you if punitive damages apply to your case.

There may additional types of compensation available to you based on the facts of your case. Your attorney will discuss all the forms of compensation you are qualified for during your initial consultation.

Types of Accidents Our Camden NJ Car Accident LAwyers Handle

There are several types of car accidents. The type of car accident that you are involved in will determine how your attorney manages your case.

Multi Car Accident

Multi-car accidents are accidents that involve two or more cars. This is your most common type of car accident, accounting for at least 92 percent of all accidents. When this type of accident occurs, the fault must be established. New Jersey is a comparative negligence state, and if the injured party is found at fault, their options for compensation may be impacted. It is essential to contact a Camden car accident lawyer as soon as possible after a car accident to protect your rights.

Trucking Accident

Accidents involving commercial vehicles are often catastrophic events for the passengers of the smaller vehicle. These cases are more complicated than your typical car accident because of the laws governing the trucking industry. If you have been involved in an accident with a semi-truck, it will be in your best interest to get immediate help from a trucking accident attorney.

Motorcycle Accident

Motorcycle accidents are serious events that can lead to extensive trauma for the motorcycle driver. New Jersey law treats motorcycle accidents much different than your standard car accident. If you have been involved in a motorcycle accident, you will need the services of a Camden car accident attorney to protect your rights and to ensure that you receive the medical care you need.

Singular Car Accident

There are times when a defective part on a car can cause it to crash. Bad tires or bad brake systems, failures in the onboard computer, even steering problems can cause a crash or a rollover. When this type of accident happens, your attorney will seek out the responsible parties through a defective product lawsuit.

Pedestrian Accident

Any person that is not inside a vehicle when an accident happens is considered a pedestrian event. This can include someone walking, jogging, riding a bike, or anything similar in nature. This type of accident can lead to severe injuries for the pedestrian, and they will require the services of a car accident attorney to protect their rights.

Talk To A Camden Car Accident Lawyer Today

Distracted driving leads to many accidents in New Jersey and around the country. This type of driving behavior places many people at risk, including the driver themselves. All of this can be prevented if drivers keep their eyes and concentration on the road.

When an accident occurs by a distracted driver or any other type of event, it is vital to enlist the services of a Camden car accident lawyer. Your lawyer has the working knowledge of how the insurance system works and can make it work to your benefit.

The financial hardships associated with a car accident can quickly become overwhelming. Bills and necessities do not go away when you are injured. In fact, they often increase. When you are at home recovering from your injury instead of earning your paycheck, it can become difficult to cover these debts and needs.

Our law office does not wish to place any more financial strain on you during this rough time in your life. We offer a FREE CONSULTATION so that you can discuss your case with an attorney with no obligations and no out of pocket costs. We know that you have questions about what is going to happen, we are here to give you answers.

We work on a contingency basis. This means there is NEVER A FEE UNLESS WE WIN. We do not require any upfront legal fees to work on your behalf. When we win your case, we get paid. This protects the injured parties from suffering additional financial hardships.

The Statute of Limitations does apply to car accidents, so do not delay contacting an attorney about your case. If you wait too long, you may lose your right to seek compensation from the responsible party.

If you have been injured in a car accident, the right thing to do is get the legal protection you need. Contact a Camden car accident attorney today to see how they can help your claim for compensation.

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