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It probably never occurred to you when you left the home that you would be involved in a car accident that day. No one thinks about these things until they happen. Car accidents occur in New Jersey at a rate of 750 accidents per day across the state. When an accident does occur, protect your rights and speak with a Passaic car accident lawyer.

Making a claim for an accident should be a straightforward process. You were in an accident, the fault of the accident was the other person, and you were injured. It seems as though the insurance company would hold to their policies and pay a fair compensation package for your losses.

It is never that simple.

Insurance companies are well-known for denying claims, low-balling compensation, and making life very difficult for the injured party. These insurance companies are in business to sell policies and make money, and paying out claims hurts their profits. So, in an effort to reduce their losses, they try to reduce their payouts on any claim.

SCHEDULE A FREE CONSULTATION with a Passaic car accident lawyer as soon as possible after your accident. This is the only way to ensure that you are protected from the questionable practices of many insurers and receive the treatment and fair settlement that you are entitled to under New Jersey law.

Different Types of Accidents Passaic Car Accident LAwyers handle

Car accidents can happen at any time. There are many factors that can lead to an accident, including weather conditions, distracted driving, and driving under the influence. Accidents are often the result of breaking traffic laws and may sometimes be the result of car failure. All accidents, however, fall into one of the following categories.

Multi Car Accidents

Multi-car accidents are the most common type of car accident. This includes accidents with to or more vehicles. These accidents can range in severity from a minor fender-bender to a catastrophic event. Regardless f how severe you think that the accident was, make sure you are evaluated by a medical professional. The headache you have may not be from the stress of the accident but a symptom of an injury.

Hit and Run

Hit and run accidents are just what they are called. The responsible party causes an accident and then flees the scene. There are many reasons that this can happen, and eventually, the police will catch the offender. In the meantime, injury victims of a hit and run accident need to consult a Passaic car accident lawyer so that they can protect themselves from a denied claim by the insurance company.

Defective Product

Sometimes defective products can cause an accident. Bad tires or malfunctioning systems in the vehicle can lead to an unintentional accident. Many of these accidents are covered under a defective product lawsuit. Speak with a Passaic car accident attorney about your right to seek compensation from the manufacturer of the defective product.

Trucking Accidents

Trucking accidents are always devastating events for the people in the smaller passenger vehicle. These types of accidents often result in life-changing injuries for the people in the smaller vehicle. Accidents involving commercial vehicles require the services of a Passaic car accident attorney.

Trucks are regulated under federal and state laws, and there are often several insurance policies covering the vehicle. Injury victims will need the assistance of an attorney to help them get through the maze of laws and policies and secure a fair settlement for their injuries and losses.

Motorcycle Accidents

Motorcycle riders must be aware that if they are involved in an accident in New Jersey, they WILL NOT have the same protections for medical care that they would if they were in a passenger vehicle when the accident occurred. Motorcyclists will need the expertise of a Passaic car accident attorney to protect their rights.

If you have been involved in a motorcycle accident, you or your loved one should contact an attorney immediately. Your attorney can make sure that you have the medical care you need and that your bills are postponed until a settlement is reached. Without this type of legal assistance, motorcycle accident victims face significant medical bills and loss of compensation.

Pedestrian Accidents

Pedestrian accidents include all accidents where at least one party was not in a vehicle. Walking, jogging, running, bicycling, skateboarding, and all similar activities are considered pedestrians. Pedestrians are at risk for severe injuries and losses when they are hit by a car. To help cover these losses and other expenses, victims of a pedestrian accident are encouraged to speak with a Passaic car accident lawyer.

Personal Watercraft Accidents

Accidents that happen between personal watercraft are classified under vehicular accidents. Since some of these accidents may be considered maritime events, it is essential to speak with an attorney about your rights to seek compensation when you are injured in a boating or personal watercraft accident.

Passaic Car Accident Lawyer suggests:

The steps you take directly after an accident happens can have an impact on your claim for compensation. It is always wise to know what to do before an accident happens. However, even if you are unaware of all the steps to take when an accident occurs, you can still make a claim for compensation.

  • Move To Safety and Notify Police. If it is possible to move your vehicle out of the roadway, you should do so as safely as possible. This helps prevent additional cars from getting involved in the event. However, if you are seriously injured or there is any risk of causing more injury to yourself if you move from your car, then stay put. Notify emergency services immediately and request an ambulance.
  • If Possible, Gather Witness Information. If your injuries prevent you from doing this, don’t worry, the police usually gather witness information as part of their report. Take pictures of the scene, your injuries, and the surrounding area.
  • Get Medical Attention. Even if you think that your injuries are minor, you should be evaluated by a doctor. Many injuries are not apparent at the scene of the accident. Your body is producing a lot of adrenaline at the time of the accident, and this can prevent you from “registering” pain until later. Head injuries such as a concussion are also not always apparent. Internal injuries, neck injuries and fractures are things that you will be checked for because these may not show immediate symptoms.
  • Inform Your Insurer About the Accident. You need to report the accident immediately so that your medical care is covered right from the start. However, you are encouraged to form giving a detailed statement about injuries, damages, or anything more than personal information to the insurance company at this time. The insurance company is going to push for this type of statement. Politely decline, by saying everything is too chaotic at this time and you are planning to speak to an attorney. They must respect your request. This takes you to the next step.
  • Contact a Passaic Car Accident Lawyer. Having an attorney represent your case right from the start will give you the protection you need from the insurance company. The insurance company is required to provide you with benefits and compensation. However, they are not required to make the process easy. Having an attorney manage your case will eliminate many of the problems that can occur when you are dealing with a car accident claim.
  • Document Everything. You are going to want to document everything. Start with the accident itself and write down everything that you remember. Include everything from the weather conditions to what you remember seeing right before the event. Everything is important. Continue documenting any time you speak to the insurance company or anyone else related to the accident. Write down your out-of-pocket expenses for purchases directly connected to the accident. Anything that seems relevant should be documented.
  • Keep an Injury Journal. Keep track of your injury from what you have been diagnosed with, the treatments you receive, and the conversations that you are having with your care providers. Document your good days and your bad days. Document how the injury impacts your life, like how you have to change the way you do something or can’t do something around your home any longer. All of this information is relevant to how much this injury has impacted your life.
  • Follow Medical Care Procedures. You will need to follow all of your care instructions. Avoid missing or rescheduling any appointments unless it is a dire emergency. Follow through on all therapy. Failing to follow medical care procedure can cause your claim to be denied. If you are unsatisfied with the care you are receiving, contact your Passaic car accident lawyer. They may be able to schedule a second opinion for you so that you are satisfied with the care you are receiving.

Rosengard Law Group may also provide you with additional tips that will help your case move quickly to its conclusion.

Car Accidents and Social Media

Social media is something that most people have come to rely on to share information with family and friends. It is vital that you limit the information that you post after you have been in a car accident. The insurance company will be monitoring your posts to look for “clues” that they can use to deny or reduce your claim.

Avoid posting any pictures of yourself during the time you are making a claim for compensation, even if they are old ones. The insurer does not know the story behind your pictures and will use this to show that you are “perfectly ok” when they see the post. Keep all posts very basic until your case is finished.

The most important thing to remember is never to post anything aggressive, threatening, or mean. While it is very understandable how angry you are about the accident, making threats or posting aggressive thoughts about the person who caused the accident or the insurer makes you look like a “hostile” person, and this can have a significant impact on your case.

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