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A car accident can change a life in a matter of seconds. Injuries received in a car accident may be temporary or permanent. They may be minor inconveniences or life-changing traumas.Every injury, however, will cause you to face medical bills and lost income. If these losses are the result of your injuries, you have the right to claim compensation from the responsible party.

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If you have been involved in a car accident in New Jersey, you are encouraged to speak with a Paterson car accident attorney about the event. Your attorney can guide you through the claims process and help you create a compensation package that is complete and fair.

You did not plan to be in a car accident the day your accident happened — no one plans for that type of event. Your life should not have to be turned upside down by the negligence of another person or business. If you have endured injuries and financial losses because of a car accident, it is only right that you receive compensation.

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Paterson NJ Car Accident Lawyer

Common Types Of Auto Accidents Our Paterson Car Accident Attorneys Handle

Car accidents generally fall into one of five categories. The category your car accident falls under will determine how your injury attorney will handle your case.

Multi-Vehicle Accidents

Car accidents involving two or more passenger vehicles are the most common type of car accident. When you have been involved in this type of event, the first thing that your attorney is going to do is establish fault for the accident. New Jersey is a comparative fault state which means that each party can be held responsible for a portion of the accident.

To reduce the percentage of fault against the injured party, your attorney is going to conduct thorough research of the event. This will establish fault, and then they will begin to build a compensation package on your behalf for your losses.

During this period, your Paterson car accident lawyer will make sure that you are receiving all of the medical care that you need for your injuries.

Insurance companies like to reduce medical care costs by denying treatments. Your attorney will make sure that you receive the medical care you need to make a physical recovery.

Trucking or Commercial Vehicles

Car accidents involving a semi-truck or other commercial vehicle are handled differently than a multi-passenger vehicle event. Semi-trucks are regulated by federal and state laws, and multiple parties can be held responsible for one accident based on the facts of the case.

The injuries in a semi-truck accident may also be catastrophic. Injuries in these events often require extensive medical care and may result in the need for life-long care. Your Paterson car accident attorney understands that these are very complex cases and require specialized knowledge to effectively prepare the case and protect the rights of the injury victim.

If you have been injured in an accident involving a commercial vehicle, it is imperative that you speak with a car accident attorney that has the right resources to build a case against the responsible party.


Motorcycle accidents are handled very differently in New Jersey when it comes to receiving medical care. Motorcycle insurance generally does not cover the injuries received by the driver of the motorcycle. Sadly, personal health coverage also likes to deny these types of claims. This leaves the injured cyclist facing large medical bills on their own.

Having a Paterson car accident attorney represent your case when you have been involved in a motorcycle accident is the only way to guarantee that your rights are protected as a victim. Your attorney will make sure that medical care is arranged for on your behalf and that the responsible party covers all of your losses, including medical care.

Pedestrian Involved Accidents

Any accident involving a pedestrian and a motor vehicle is going to lead to multiple injuries of the pedestrian. The person who was walking or jogging or riding their bicycle does not have the same physical protections as the person in the car. Pedestrian victims are often thrown on impact, which also leads to additional injuries. It is crucial for pedestrians harmed in an accident to contact a Paterson car accident lawyer as soon as possible after the event.

Single Car Events

There are cases where a car can have a defect, and that defect leads to an accident that does not involve another car. Car defects like dangerous braking systems, failures in the computer system, and dangerous tires can lead to rollover accidents and other single car events.

If your airbags harm you or fail to deploy, this may also be a defective product issue, Contact a Paterson car accident attorney about this type of accident and schedule a FREE CONSULTATION. Your attorney will look over the facts of the accident and determine if there is a product liability case based on this information.

Types of Compensation Our Paterson Car Accident Lawyers Go After

When you have been involved in an accident, there are many different types of compensation available to you. Your Paterson car accident attorney will explain to you the types of compensation that apply to your case. In most cases, your attorney will seek compensation for one or more of these following categories.

Medical Bills

All of the medical expenses related to treating your injuries will be part of your compensation package. This portion of the compensation will also include any costs for future medical care that you may need. Your attorney will work with your medical care provider to come up with an accurate amount for future medical care costs based on your specific injuries and required care.

Lost Wages

All of the time you missed from work due to the injury will be covered in this portion of your compensation package. Your attorney may also seek lost benefits that you should have received had you been working during that time. This may include employer contributions to your health or retirement plan and profit-sharing bonuses.

Future Wages

If your injuries prevent you from returning to work, or if you have to return at a reduced capacity or a lesser paying position to accommodate your injuries, your attorney will seek compensation for your lost wages and benefits.

This type of compensation will vary from person to person based on their earnings before the accident and their age. Your attorney will explain if this type of compensation applies to your case.

Pain and Suffering

Pain and suffering is a type of compensation that applies to every injury case. The amount of this type of compensation will also vary from person to person because every case is different. Injuries, suffering, and anticipated future pain and suffering is very specific to the types of injuries received and the person that received them.

Your Paterson a car accident attorney will work closely with you and your medical providers to determine the extent of pain and suffering you have endured or are expected to endure in the future as a result of the injuries. They will use this information to create your demand for compensation.

Loss of Consortium

Married injury victims that have to change the way that they interact with their spouse because of their injury are entitled to receive compensation for their losses. In some case, your attorney may file a separate lawsuit for this loss on behalf of your spouse as well.

Additional forms of compensation may be available to you based on your case and the laws and policies covering the accident. Speak with your attorney about the available types of compensation for your case.

Handling Social Media After A Paterson NJ Car Accident

Social media has integrated itself into everyday life. People rely on social media to contact their friends and family and for entertainment. People also tend to use social media to talk about their problems with others.

While this is a good thing for most issues, when you are involved in a car accident, social media posts can harm your claim for compensation.

The first thing that you must understand is that the insurance companies will immediately begin to monitor your social media presence looking for information to use against your case. Their objective is always to reduce the amount of a claim or deny it altogether. They will use information from your social media site, often twisting what they find to their advantage, as an excuse to deny your claim.

After a car accident has occurred, you should refrain from posting too much, if any, information about the event on social media. If you must state that you were in an accident and injured, be very basic with your post and move on. Try to refrain from any details other than you need medical care.

You should avoid posting any pictures of yourself during the time you are involved with a lawsuit. Even old pictures can be used against you. Post an old picture of you out enjoying yourself, and the insurance company will see that as you going out and having fun NOW. They do not know, nor do they care, when the picture was taken.

Ask your friends and family not to discuss your accident, injuries, or lawsuit on their social media sites as well. Avoid accepting any new “friends” on your site unless you physically know these people. Insurance companies have dedicated staff that “friend” people so that they can learn more information.

Social media posts are not private – ever. Everything that you post on these sites can and will be used against your case. The best thing to do is avoid posting anything on social media until your case has completed.

Contact A Paterson Car Accident Attorney About Your Case

Being involved in an accident can quickly become overwhelming. The injuries that you received and the losses that you have incurred can drive anyone to the brink of exhaustion. Eliminate much of the hassles of being involved in an accident by having an attorney represent your case.

Your attorney can manage all of the legal issues surrounding the case, including negotiating a fair settlement. This will give you the extra time you need to devote to the healing process. Contact a Paterson NJ car accident lawyer today.