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You probably did not even see the accident coming until the very last second when it was too late to prevent it from happening. Now, after that devastating moment, you are facing hardships that you never thought possible. You are dealing with injuries that have changed the way you live your life. You are also coping with the stress of lost income because your injuries prevent you from working. To add to all of this chaos, you are emotionally overwhelmed.

What are your options? Do you just deal with all of this stress and all of the grief that the insurance company is giving you about your claim? The answer is no. What you need to do immediately is speak with a Woodbridge car accident lawyer. Hiring an attorney will help eliminate a lot of the stress and chaos this car accident has caused and allow you to focus on healing.

SCHEDULE A FREE CONSULTATION. Our attorneys do not charge you for a case evaluation. Make an appointment risk-free and discover what a NJ car accident attorney can do to help you make a claim for compensation. This accident has caused you so much stress, and it is now time to get some relief.

Types of Compensation Woodbridge NJ car accident lawyers Pursue

As an injury victim, you are entitled to receive different forms of compensation for your injuries and financial losses. During your FREE INITIAL CONSULTATION, your Woodbridge car accident lawyer will discuss with you the different types of compensation that may apply to your case.

There are several different types of compensation. You may receive benefits from one or more of the following:

Medical Expenses Current and Future

All compensation packages will include the cost of your medical care for the injuries. If you require future medical care for your injuries, this expense will also be included in your compensation package. This applies to any future therapy, treatments, operations, or long-term care.

Lost Wages and Benefits

You are entitled to receive compensation for all of the time you missed at work. This will include all of your lost wages and any employer-paid benefits that you were entitled to receive during the time you were off of work.

Future Earning Capacity

If your injuries leave you unable to return to work, or if you have to return at a lesser capacity to accommodate your injuries, you will be compensated. Your attorney will calculate all of your potential lost earnings in the future up until your potential retirement date or such a time that you can return to work at full capacity.

Expenses Related to the Accident and Injuries

There are many expenses that may be directly related to your accident and injury. Some of these expenses include:

  • Replacement of broken glasses or dental work from the accident
  • Cost of mileage to and from all medical appointments
  • Cost of over-the-counter products required for your medical care per your care provider
  • Cost to make changes to your home or vehicle to accommodate your injury

Cost of Services

Everyone has responsibilities around their home that they are personally responsible for each day. These responsibilities can include child or elderly care, home or auto repairs, law cutting, house cleaning, walking the dog, and even buying groceries. If you have had to pay someone to cover these responsibilities because of your injury, your lawyer will seek compensation for your expenses.

Loss of Companionship

Injuries affect lives in many different ways. If your injury has changed the way that you can interact with your spouse or other dependent family members, you are entitled to compensation. If the interaction between you and your spouse will be changed for a long time, your attorney may also file a separate lawsuit on behalf of your spouse for loss of companionship as well.

Pain and Suffering

Pain and suffering are non-economic damages that will vary greatly for each case. Your attorney is experienced in this area of compensation and will know what to ask for in terms of compensation for pain and suffering. The attorney will use the information provided by you as well as your medical care providers to help come up with a fair amount of compensation under this category.

You may also be entitled to additional benefits and forms of compensation. Your Woodbridge NJ car accident lawyer will discuss with you in-depth the types of compensation they will seek on your behalf.

Types of Accidents Woodbridge NJ car accident Attorneys See Most

Most law firms will separate car accidents into different categories. This allows the law firm to assign cases to attorneys based on their knowledge of a specific area of law. By assigning cases to their lawyers n this manner, law firms can better represent their clients.

In most cases, car accidents are designated as follows:

  • Multiple Vehicle Accidents
  • Single Car Accidents
  • Trucking or Commercial Vehicle Accidents
  • Motorcycle Accidents
  • Personal Watercraft Accidents
  • Pedestrian Accidents

A Quick Look At Woodbridge NJ Truck Accidents

Trucking accidents are perhaps one of the worst types of car accidents. The size and weight of the 18-wheeler compared to that of a passenger vehicle makes the impact very one-sided when an accident occurs. For the people in the passenger vehicle, the injuries are often multiple and potentially catastrophic.

These cases quickly become complicated because the trucking industry is regulated at the state and federal level. Additionally, there may be several responsible parties for the accident and several insurance companies involved in the claim. Anyone injured in a truck-related accident will need the assistance of a Woodbridge NJ truck accident lawyer.

Having an attorney working your case will give you an advantage. You will not be in a position to be “bullied” by the insurance companies who are looking for a quick and undervalued settlement. You will also not be in a position to be denied the medical care you need to recover from your injuries.

Your Woodbridge NJ truck accident lawyer will aggressively represent your case to all parties involved. The attorney will make sure that you receive all of the benefits you are entitled to under the law, and that you receive a full settlement for your losses.

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It is not fair that your life has been changed in so many ways because of the carelessness of another driver. It is not right that you have faced so many financial and personal hardships because of your injuries. The only thing that can start to help this situation is by claiming compensation for your losses.

No, the compensation package will not erase the injury or make it heal faster. The compensation will not take away your past suffering or pain. It will, however, provide you with some much-needed financial stability during this chaotic period of your life. When you are not struggling to cover your bills while injured, you can concentrate on your physical and mental recovery.

THERE IS NEVER A FEE UNTIL WE WIN YOUR CASE. We understand that you are already facing financial difficulties by not being able to work because of your injuries. To guarantee that everyone has access to legal representation in their time of need, we wok on the contingency of only getting paid for our services when we win your case. There will never be any upfront legal fees or costs at any time while your case is active. Once we win and settle your case, we will get paid.

If you have been injured in a car accident of any type, it will be in your best interest to speak with an attorney. An attorney can manage all of the legal aspects of your case while you manage your medical care. The CONSULTATION IS FREE, so schedule an appointment with a Woodbridge car accident lawyer today.