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The laws surrounding slip and fall accidents on a commercial property are very complex and can be hard to prove.

The injured party must prove that the owner of the property knew the problem existed and failed to keep the property safe.

Property owners and management companies are quick to blame the slip and fall injury on the victim.

Unfortunately, they almost always have a team of lawyers to help defend them, so without the assistance of a New Jersey slip and fall lawyer, many victims are denied their claim.

This often leaves the injured victim with large medical bills and financial losses.

Seeking compensation for your injuries will require the help of a seasoned New Jersey slip and fall lawyer.

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Common Causes of Slip and Fall Accidents in NJ

A slip and fall accident can happen at any time and in any place.

The most common areas where slip and fall accidents occur include:

  • Retail Establishments: Cluttered walkways, loose tiles or carpeting, wet or icy entrance ways, and spills are the most common cause of retail area slip and fall accidents.
  • Schools: Schools are very common areas for slip and fall accidents, regardless of grade level. Public schools are protected by a different set of laws. Contact us today to learn more.
  • Entertainment Venues: Wet floors, loose tiles and rugs, dimly lit stairways, and cluttered walkways are common causes of slip and fall injuries in movie theaters, casinos, and other entertainment venues.
  • Grocery Stores: Most falls in grocery stores are from spills, leaking fresh foods or coolers, and cluttered walkways.
  • Gas Stations: Slippery flooring, loose mats, and ice build up can cause a slip and fall accident. Uneven pavement, which is common in gas station parking lots, is also a common cause of injury.
  • Restaurants: Wet floors, spilled food, grease splatters, and wet bathroom floors are common areas for restaurant falls.
  • Apartment Complexes: Common areas where slip and fall accidents occur is on staircases, uneven pavement or holes in the pavement, and ice patches.

Also note, businesses have an obligation to keep their property safe for use. Putting up a “wet floor” sign does not relieve them of responsibility. In fact, that sign openly admits that they know there is a problem with the floor. The business owner is required to keep the floor as dry as possible in addition to notifying customers of the wet floor.

A New Jersey slip and fall attorney can Hold the property owner liable

Even if the accident in which you were involved is not listed below, you are encouraged to speak with a New Jersey slip and fall lawyer about your accident.

  • Wet Floors: Wet flooring can be from rain, melting ice or snow, spills or leaking roofs. Even when a wet floor sign is placed near the wet area, the business has an obligation to keep the floor as dry as possible.
  • Ice: Icy doorways, walkways, parking lots and entrance areas are a leading cause for falls. It is imperative that property owners continue to remove and salt for ice during the winter months.
  • Loose or Broken Tiles: Tiles that are loose can cause people to become off balance. Broken or missing tiles can leave a little ledge that causes uneven footing or catches on a shoe and makes you trip.
  • Loose or Worn Carpeting: Carpeting that moves when you step on it, such as welcome mats, can cause a slip and fall injury. Worn carpeting can cause uneven walkways or have fibers sticking up that catch on shoes.
  • Cluttered Walkways: Retail establishments that have cluttered walkways due to the merchandise being piled high are at great risk for slip and fall accidents. Entrance ways and stairwells that are littered are also very dangerous.
  • Stairways: Stairs that are not properly treated with slip-resistant strips, or have loose or broken steps can cause a slip and fall injury. Loose or missing handrails or handrails that are placed too high are also dangerous. Poorly lit stairwells can cause slip and fall accidents.
  • Elevators: If your elevator is not properly aligned when it reaches a floor, you are creating a walking hazard. There will be a space between the entrance way and the elevator that can lead to a fall.
  • Uneven or Broken Pavement: The pavement in the driveways and parking areas for businesses that are uneven or have potholes are dangerous. Driveways and parking lots should also be well-lit to prevent falls.

How To Improve Your Compensation From A New Jersey Slip And Fall Accident

When you have a slip and fall accident, there are several things that you should do to help improve your chances for compensation.

These steps are recommended but don’t panic if you have not followed them all.

Your New Jersey slip and fall accident attorney will be able to build your case based on the evidence and reports surrounding the event.

File an Accident Report

The most important thing that you can do is file an accident report with the management of the establishment. You want your slip and fall accident and injuries officially documented.

This will also allow you to get immediate medical care for the injuries.

Take down information from any witnesses of the slip and fall and, if possible, include them in the report. If the report does not allow witness statements, request their personal information, and give the contact to your New Jersey slip and fall lawyer.

Use your phone to take pictures of the area.

Seek Medical Care

Even if the fall seems minor, you are going to want to have a medical evaluation. Fractures and head injuries often do not appear at the scene of the accident because people are too upset to pay attention to the symptoms.

Let a medical professional examine you so that your health is protected.

Follow Through With Care

Your health is important. Make sure you follow through with the care routine given to you by your doctor. If this means staying home and resting, then do just that. Your health is the most important.

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Common Slip and Fall Injuries

Injuries associated with slip and fall accidents can vary from person to person. Every accident and injury are unique to the person and the event. However, there are some injuries that seem to be more common to slip and fall accidents. These injuries include:

  • Fractures of the wrist, ankle, shoulder, and collar bone: These areas fracture most often from the impact of the fall. Many people brace themselves with their arms when they fall leading to wrist and shoulder fractures. Ankles can fracture from twisting when you step on uneven tiles or a broken stair.
  • Tailbone fractures: Falling and landing directly on your backside can cause your tailbone to fracture. Due to its location, healing from this type of injury takes a long time.
  • Spine Injuries: Your spine can be jolted, fractured, or otherwise injured by a fall. Lower back injuries are common with slip and fall accidents.
  • Neck Injuries: Depending on how you fall, your neck can be injured from the impact.
  • Fractured Hips: Fractured hips are more common in the elderly, but they do happen to all ages in a slip and fall accident.
  • Head and Brain Injury: Head injuries to occur when a person slips and falls back and hits their head. Hitting your head can lead to concussion or blunt force trauma. All slip and fall victims should be evaluated for head injuries, regardless of how they fell.
  • Cuts and Bruising: There could be serious cuts and bruising from even a simple slip and fall accident.

Slip and fall victims may suffer one or many different injuries depending on the event. Regardless of the injuries that you received, CONTACT AN ATTORNEY about your accident so that you can make a claim for compensation.

Types of Compensation For A Slip And Fall Accident

When you have been injured, there are a lot of expenses associated with your recovery. You are entitled to receive compensation for these losses. All slip and fall injury compensation is different and is based on the actual events and losses.

Rosengard Law Group NJ slip and fall attorneys will seek one or more of the following types of compensation for your losses:

Medical Expenses

This includes any and all medical costs associated with the care of your injuries. If you are going to require extended care or future treatments, your attorney will include this amount as well in the compensation package.

Lost Wages and Benefits

This includes all the money you lost in wages due to the accident and any employer paid for benefits. Benefits may include employer-sponsored health care payments and retirement contributions.

Lost Earning Capacity

If you cannot return to work, or you cannot return to the same position and pay rate after your injury, your NJ injury attorney will seek compensation for these future losses.

Cost of Services

If you were required to pay for transportation for medical visits or purchase over the counter supplies per your medical care providers request, your attorney would include these costs.

Additionally, if you had to pay for services to do things that you usually do around the home, such as lawn care, child care, home cleaning or automotive repair, that you could not do because of your injuries, your attorney will make a claim.

Pain and Suffering

The pain and suffering and overall mental anguish that you suffered as a result of the injury will be a part of your compensation package.

Your New Jersey slip and fall attorney may have additional forms of compensation available to you based on the case and the law.

We will inform you of what types of compensation they will request on your behalf during your FREE INITIAL CONSULTATION. Call to schedule: 833-323-4448

Slip and Fall Accident FAQ

What should I do after a NJ slip and fall accident?

1. Get medical treatment ASAP
2. Report the slip and fall accident, get a copy of the police report
3. Take photos of the scene and your injuries
4. Keep track of all of your medical bills, insurance letters, and losses/expenses
5. Do not give a statement to the insurance company before speaking with a NJ slip and fall lawyer

How much of a settlement can I win for my slip and fall injuries?

It’s impossible to say how much a settlement will be before looking closely at all of the details of your case. We will fight for medical expenses, lost wages, pain and suffering, emotional distress, and more.

What if the accident was partially my fault?

New Jersey has a comparative fault law. This means you can be compensated as long as you’re not more than 50% responsible for the accident. For example, if the courts decide you were 25% responsible, you can recover 75% of the compensation reward.

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