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Burn victims not only have to deal with the physical pain of the injuries but also the long term psychological and physical scars they leave. In addition to this, they may also be overwhelmed with lost wages and large medical bills.

Burns can be life changing. If your burn injury was the result of the negligence of another party, you should hire an injury lawyer in Newark NJ to seek maximum compensation for your losses.

It’s not uncommon for insurance companies, landlords and other at-fault parties to minimize their payouts to victims of burn injuries. If you want to get fair compensation for your losses, hire an experienced Newark burn injury attorney from Rosengard Law Group. We’ll fight to get you the compensation that is rightly yours. You can rely on our experience and deep understand of the law to guide you through the complexities of seeking compensation.

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Types of Burn Injuries

An experienced Newark burn injury attorney from our firm can handle lawsuits involving:
• Thermal burns – These burns are caused when people come in contact with sources of extreme heat. These may include fire, hot liquids and steam.
• Radiation burns – These are caused when the person comes into contact with nuclear radiation.
• Chemical burns – These occur when the person comes into contact with a corrosive chemical substance such as a strong alkali or acid.
• Light burns – these are burns that are caused by exposure to ultraviolet light or sunlight

Categories of Burns

A Newark burn injury lawyer from our firm will fight for you no matter the severity of your burns. The main categories of burns include:

• First degree: These are burns that result in damage of the top layer of the skin only. They are often characterized by redness and some minor inflammation. The damage caused by these burns is minimal and they typically heal within a week.

• Second degree: These burns affect the outer layer of the dermis i.e. the part of the skin that lies just below the epidermis. These burns often result in the formation of blisters and cause the skin to be extremely red. They can take several weeks to heal with proper care.

• Deep second degree burns: These burns go much deeper into the dermis. They are characterized by a whitish color and dryness. They leave thick scars upon healing.

Third degree burns: These are the most severe types of burns. The damage affects all layers of the skin and can even affect the bones or organs of the body. The wounds formed are black or white and dry. The skin may also give the appearance of charring. These burns can result in hypothermia, extensive nerve damage and fatalities.

It is therefore important to seek medical attention immediately.

Common Causes of Burn Injuries

There are several reasons why burn injuries occur. Our burn injury attorneys can handle lawsuits that involve burn injuries involving:

• Fires in apartment buildings
• Workplace activities
• Fires caused by faulty electrical equipment
• Tanker and truck accidents or explosions
• Car accidents (see Newark auto accident attorney)
• Locked fire exits
• Fires in recreational areas such as bars, hotels and retail outlets.
• Scalding water
• Malfunctioning fire safety equipment
• Noxious fumes
• Exposure to corrosive chemicals

Can You Hold Your Landlord Liable for Burn Injuries?

If your burn injuries are the result of your landlord’s negligence, a Newark burn injury attorney from our firm will fight to prove the liability of the negligent party. Landlord negligence can be in the form of an action or the failure to take action that leads to harm to another party. This harm can be physical injuries or financial losses.

Landlord’s duty

Your landlord is responsible for the maintenance of the building you live in. A good landlord will respond to issues and ensure their property is habitable and safe for tenants. Landlords are responsible for issues arising with electricity, cooling, heating, roof leaks, plumbing as well as other structural issues.

Landlord’s Breach of Duty

You can file a lawsuit against your landlord if their actions or failure to take action resulted in your burn injuries. You will however, have to prove that the landlord breached their duty. This is typically done by showing a violation of the tenancy contract.


This is a failure to act by landlords or property owners. When the landlord or property owner’s lack of action results in damage to the property you as the tenant can file a lawsuit for negligence.

Proving damages

This can be difficult to do. You must show that the landlord’s failure to attend to a situation e.g. faulty wiring, overcrowding the building, defective or lack of fire safety equipment or building code violations, led to harm. Once we’re able to do this, you will be, you will be awarded compensation for your injuries or losses.

Getting Compensation for Burn Injuries

Burns can be traumatic. They can also be expensive to treat. They can have a significant impact on the quality of the victim’s life as well as their ability to work. If your burn injuries are the result of someone else’s negligence, you will need an experience Newark burn injury lawyer fighting in your corner.

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