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New Jersey Car Accident Lawyer

If you’ve been in a car accident, it is strongly recommended that you speak with an experienced New Jersey car accident lawyer.

Rosengard Law Group has been down this road many times. Call on us to help you with the following free services:

Get An Honest Review Of Your NJ Car Accident Case

Most people do not realize how complicated a car accident is until they’re involved in one. There is so much going on all at once: injuries and doctor visits, interactions with the insurance company, pain and fear, and loss of income.

We understand. We’ve been though this with many NJ car accident victims.

Rosengard Law Group is available 24/7 to answer all of your questions and provide you with an open and honest evaluation of your claim right from the start, for FREE.

Call 833-323-4448 now for a FREE CASE EVALUATION and get answers your questions and a timeline with what you should expect during the entire NJ car accident claim process.

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Prepare And File All Important Documents

Car accidents generate and require an extensive amount of paperwork. Rosengard Law Group will ensure that all paperwork and court filings are made correctly and on time. When you have a car accident attorney managing your case, you will never have to worry about missing deadlines, which could harm your case.

Perform A Thorough Investigation Of Your Car Accident

It’s not in your best interest to rely solely on the police report or insurance company findings. These reports are usually incomplete or prepared in favor of the insurance company.

You need a NJ car accident lawyer to do a complete investigation.

This will include reviewing physical evidence, including available surveillance videos, speaking with witnesses, looking at traffic and weather data, and contacting an accident reconstruction specialist, if necessary, to get the most accurate information about the cause of the accident.

Carefully Review And Document The Extent Of Your Physical, Emotional, And Financial Harm

Your car accident lawyer in New Jersey will conduct a full investigation of your injuries and losses. This will include reviewing medical information and projected recoveries, speaking with medical experts, reviewing financial records, and speaking with similar experts to determine the true cost of your current and future losses due to this car accident.

Prepare And Negotiate Your Settlement For The Maximum Compensation

A big part of what we do as NJ car accident lawyers is preparing the settlement and negotiating with the insurance company.

Rosengard Law Group will ensure that any settlement offer that the insurance company makes is accurate and fair for your actual injuries and losses.

Your attorney will make recommendations on whether you should accept that offer or fight for a larger settlement.

We will always work to secure the maximum compensation package for you and your family.

Prepare for Trial

Insurance companies are concerned with paying the least amount on any claim. If we feel that the only way to make the insurance company act responsibly is by taking them to trial, we will prepare your case for trial.

We provide all of these services without ever asking for any upfront legal fees. We work on a contingency basis, so you will have access to quality legal representation.

Do I Have A Valid NJ Car Accident Case?

One of your first questions is likely, “Do I have a valid claim for compensation?”

You want to know if it is worth your effort to pursue a car accident claim.

The answer may not be as simple as you think.

Every car accident is different. That is the most important fact that you must remember. And because of this fact, it is not easy to say if your claim is worth pursuing without investigating the facts of the case during your free case evaluation.

For example, one car accident involving a rear-end collision may have caused minor damage to the vehicle and no real physical injuries to anyone involved. However, another rear-end accident occurring at the same time and even at the same intersection may have led to extensive physical injuries.

One car accident caused significant losses for the injured party, and the other has not. The facts are different.

The second accident listed above may have involved two vehicles that were very different in size. A large SUV hitting a small compact car will do much more damage than two similar-sized vehicles colliding.

The speed at the time of impact may affect the injuries, or even the space between the vehicles prior to the impact.

When you speak to a New Jersey car accident lawyer about your case, they will carefully look at all of these facts.

We will look for the two main factors of any car accident case: liability and damages. Once your attorney has established liability and the amount of damages, only then can they honestly answer your question if you have a valid car accident case.

Establishing Liability in a New Jersey Car Accident Claim

Liability is the legal term used to describe the responsible party for an event. Liability in a car accident means that the actions taken resulted in causing a car accident.

In most cases, New Jersey law requires that you show that the other party was responsible for causing the accident before you can make a claim.

If you were the cause of the car accident that led to your injuries and losses as a result of violating driving safety laws, you cannot make a claim for compensation.

If you were injured, and the car accident was not your fault, you can and should make a claim for compensation.

New Jersey Comparative Negligence Laws

New Jersey law allows you to seek compensation for a car accident as long as you are not more than 50 percent responsible for the event. This is known as the Comparative Negligence Laws. If an investigation of the accident shows that you are more than 50 percent responsible, you cannot make a claim.

If you are found partially responsible for the accident, these laws dictate that any form of compensation you receive must be adjusted by the percentage you were at fault. For example: If you receive a $100,000 settlement for your case and the investigation determined you were 20 percent at-fault for the accident, your settlement would be reduced by 20 percent or $20,000 for a final settlement of $80,000.

Our Car Accident Lawyers in NJ  Run A Thorough Investigation To Establish Fault

When an insurance company investigates a car accident, their findings are hardly ever unbiased. They will look for any way to push more of the fault onto you, so they can pay you the smallest settlement amount.

We believe this is simply unfair. The results of any accident investigation should be based on facts – not the insurance company’s desires to save money.

We will thoroughly investigate the accident to ensure that the fault is placed where it belongs. We will seek answers to even the most complex questions regarding the fault of the accident and get to the truth.

Types of Damages in a Car Accident

All forms of damage that occurs in a car accident will fall into two categories: economic and non-economic.

The extent of your damages will help determine if you have a valid car accident claim. Your NJ car accident lawyer will look at the following two types of damages as they apply to your case:

Economic Damages

Economic damages are those types of damages that you can place an actual figure on, such as past medical bills, anticipated future medical expenses, lost wages and benefits, and future lost wages or lost work capacity.

Non-Economic Damages

Non-economic damages include those damages that do not have a direct dollar figure but are also considered a loss. This includes things like pain and suffering, loss of enjoyment of life, and mental anguish.

The extent of your losses will also be a large determining factor of if you have a valid claim for compensation. New Jersey law requires that any claims for compensation be based on actual losses and not potential or assumed losses.

So, if you had an accident that was a life-altering event due to the injuries received, it is easy to assume that you will have a case. If you have minor injuries and no real economic losses, it may be safe to assume you do not have a case for compensation. However, it will be important to speak with a car accident attorney to get a final opinion.

Take advantage of a free case evaluation to have this question answered.

If you have been injured and suffered losses, it will be crucial for you to have legal representation. Insurance companies often downplay the seriousness of any injury or economic loss.

It is not unusual for benefits to be forgotten or denied by the insurer as a way to reduce their own losses. Having a NJ auto accident attorney manage your claim can ensure that this does not happen.

Pain and Suffering

Pain and Suffering is a non-economic damage that varies from case to case. We’ll work closely with your medical care professionals and use the evidence to determine the extent of the pain and suffering.

Your New Jersey car accident lawyer will also include compensation for your pain and suffering that is anticipated in the future because of your injury.

Mental Anguish

Depending on the case, we may make a separate claim for mental anguish or include it in the pain and suffering compensation.

Loss of Consortium

We will seek damages for loss of consortium if your injuries change the way you physically interact with your spouse. We may also file a separate lawsuit on behalf of your spouse to claim for loss of consortium.

Punitive Damages

Punitive damages are only awarded on special cases where the court finds that the actions that caused the accident were willful or exceptionally heinous. The court uses punitive damages as a way of punishing the responsible party for their actions.

In most cases, the court will only award punitive damages if the driver who caused the accident was under the influence or caused the accident on purpose.

Wrongful Death

If the car accident resulted in the loss of life, some qualified family members might be able to seek compensation under Wrongful Death. In New Jersey, qualified family members are usually the surviving spouse and any dependent children.

Types of Car Accident Injuries

Injuries you receive in a car accident can be some of the most horrific injuries to a person in any situation.

Catastrophic injuries can change the rest of your life. Even lesser injuries can be life-altering events. If you have been injured in a car accident, it is important to speak with a car accident lawyer in NJ.

Catastrophic Injuries

A catastrophic injury is considered any injury that ultimately changes the rest of your life. Although any injury could ultimately fall into that category, a catastrophic injury is generally limited to the following types of injuries:

  • Spinal cord injuries that lead to paralysis or disability
  • Traumatic brain injury
  • Loss or pregnancy or miscarriage
  • Compound bone fractures that require surgical assistance
  • Loss of limb
  • Wrongful death as a result of injuries from accident

Other Injuries

Other injuries received in a car accident may not be considered catastrophic, but this does not mean that they are not life-changing. It also does not mean that you do not have the right to make a claim for compensation.

You may have thought that you were not injured badly enough to go by ambulance to the hospital at the time of the accident, so you didn’t go. Or, you may have thought the headache or upset stomach you had at the scene was just from your nerves, so you declined immediate medical care. However, hours or days later, you begin to experience many other symptoms and must go to the hospital for care.

This is a very common scenario. The upset stomach may have been a symptom of internal bleeding, and the headache may have been a concussion. Hairline fractures can become painful after a day has passed and neck and soft tissue injuries become more prominent after the adrenaline rush from the accident subsides.

If you are suffering from these injuries after your accident, you will still need to speak with a car accident attorney in NJ about your right to seek compensation.

How Do I Know If My Injuries Are Serious Enough For A Claim?

The main reason many people do not seek compensation after a car accident is that they do not believe their injuries are bad enough to file a claim.

In fact, 25 percent of people who have been injured in a car accident felt that their injuries were “not catastrophic enough” to file a claim, even if they faced financial uncertainty because of those injuries. This misconception causes these injury victims and their families unnecessary hardships.

We are always surprised when a client approaches us and asks if their case is “worth our time” because they did not have a catastrophic injury.

After speaking with them and learning that they have faced mounting medical bills, excessive lost time at work, and an anticipated long recovery period from their injuries, we encourage them to file a claim for compensation.

You are entitled to these benefits under the law!

The most important thing to remember is this: If your injury causes you long-term problems, it is serious enough to speak with a personal injury attorney about filing a claim for compensation.

What Medical Bills Am I responsible For In A Car Accident?

It is a sad truth that regardless of who is the most at fault for the car accident, you will be responsible for a large portion of your medical care costs. Even if the other party is 100 percent at fault, the initial burden of the medical care costs will fall on you.

The amount of that burden will depend on the amount of car insurance coverage you have on your vehicle. If your PIP policy only covers $15,000 worth of medical costs, that is all that will be paid after deductibles and copayments.

Injury victims will also be subjected to their personal health insurance deductibles and copayments once their care is transferred over to these policies.

This is why it will become necessary to have legal representation of a New Jersey car accident lawyer. Your attorney will be able to file a lawsuit to demand that you are reimbursed for all of your medical care costs that were not covered by the insurance company. Current and future medical costs are often the largest portion of any claim for compensation.

No Fault Insurance Laws

New Jersey has no-fault insurance laws in place to protect all drivers who operate a vehicle in the state. The no-fault laws state that the insurance company must cover the medical costs of their own client, regardless of who is at fault.

So, even if you are not responsible for causing the car accident, your insurance company will be responsible for covering your medical expenses. The laws were set up this way so everyone can get the immediate medical care they need after a car accident without having to wait for insurance companies to battle it out to see who is responsible for the medical care.

It is important to understand two things about this coverage and these laws.

First, no-fault medical coverage does not imply that no one was at fault for the accident; it just ensures that you can get necessary medical care.

Second, no-fault insurance has limits and deductibles, so some of your medical care will be billed directly to you.

This is why it will become necessary to have a car accident lawyer in New Jersey file a claim for compensation.

Personal Injury Protection (PIP) Insurance

No-fault insurance is officially known as Personal Injury Protection or PIP insurance. All vehicle insurance policies that are sold in New Jersey must have PIP protection as part of the policy. All Personal Injury Protection policies must meet state guidelines for coverage.

When you select PIP coverage, you determine the amount of coverage that you have for medical care. Some people chose as low as $15,000, while some policies go as high as half a million dollars. Whatever you have chosen will be the limit the PIP policy will pay before your medical care changes over to your personal health insurance.

Other important facts you must know about PIP coverage:

  • There is a required deductible on every policy that must be paid before the insurance will begin to cover your medical care.
  • State law requires that coinsurance or copayment is necessary on the first $5,000 of benefits received under PIP coverage
  • When you have reached the limit of your policy, your medical care will convert over to your personal health insurance. At that time, you will be subjected to your health insurance deductibles and co-payments and may be limited to the network of doctors and hospitals covered in your plan.

*** TIP – When you purchase a PIP insurance policy, you will be asked if you want to make the PIP policy your primary coverage for medical care in the event of a car accident. You will want to say “yes” even though the insurance agents may encourage you to say no.

By saying yes, the insurance coverage is used first before your private health insurance plan. If you say no, then your health insurance is used first, and the PIP plan is not used at all. This means that you are paying for an insurance policy that is providing you with absolutely no benefits.

What Does PIP Insurance Cover?

Your PIP insurance is responsible for the following medical care:

  • Emergency medical care for your injuries
  • Hospital stay related to injuries
  • Outpatient care for injuries
  • Diagnostic care
  • Inpatient or outpatient procedures or surgeries related to your car accident injuries
  • Rehabilitation services including occupational, physical, and speech therapy

PIP insurance is generally only for medical bills in the event of an accident. However, there are some PIP policies that also offer additional coverages. Some of these policies include income continuation coverage or death/funeral benefits.

If you are unsure what benefits you have under your PIP policy, it is important to speak with one of our New Jersey car accident lawyers. Your lawyer will be able to decipher the terms of your policy and ensure that you are receiving all of the benefits.

Do I Need A NJ Car Accident Lawyer To Deal With My Insurance Claim?

One of the first things that your insurance company will tell you is that you can manage your own car accident claim and that they will be happy to work with you throughout the whole process. Some even go as far as to discourage the use of a car accident lawyer in NJ.

Why would the insurance company do that?

Attorneys secure larger settlements. In fact, when a New Jersey car accident lawyer is managing your claim, you can expect almost four times more in your final settlement than you would have received managing the claim on your own.

That is correct – almost four times the amount you would have received if you self-represented your case! Why?

Because car accident attorneys have the knowledge and experience to make sure the insurance companies play fair when they are making a settlement for a claim.

Your attorney has a working knowledge of insurance policies and the laws that enforce them. They will ensure that the insurance company complies with all of the terms of its policy and provides you with all of the compensation you are entitled to for your losses.

Hiring a New Jersey car accident lawyer to manage your claim is also about giving you relief from many of the pressures of filing a claim.

Your attorney knows what forms need to be processed and when they need to be completed. You will not have to worry about missed deadlines, incomplete forms, or other paperwork and procedure issues that could hinder your claim.

Ideally, your focus should to be on your physical and mental recovery from this accident.

When you hire an attorney to manage your claim, we will provide you with the following services:

  • Collect evidence related to the accident and maintain that evidence for the duration of the claim
  • Help you find medical care providers, transportation to medical care facilities, and manage property damage issues if necessary
  • Investigate the accident using reconstruction experts to determine the actual cause of the accident so that fault can be established
  • Gather all documents related to your financial losses, including medical records and bills and loss of income statements
  • Once all of the evidence has been reviewed, and losses have been totaled, your attorney will construct a Demand Letter to start the negotiation process
  • Manage all interactions with the insurance company so your rights as an injury victim are protected
  • Provide you with legal representation during depositions, arbitration, or mediation
  • Negotiate with the insurance company on your behalf for a full settlement offer that will be in your best interest
  • Prepare your case as if it were going to trial so that in the event it needs to go to trial, you will not suffer any delays

Insurance Companies Are Not Your Friends

Advertising for insurance companies often portrays these companies as your friend, your caring neighbor, or another member of your family. They show lovely portrayals of insurance agents “coming to the rescue” in your time of need. They boast how they are always there when you need them.

It is a shame that none of this is true when it comes time to make a claim.

In most cases, when an insurance company is presented with a claim, they go into action to do everything possible to deny or decrease the value of the claim. They are only interested in the bottom line for their company, and that means low settlement payouts. The insurance company will never have your best interest in mind.

It sounds cynical, but when you are being denied necessary medical care or offered reimbursement for your expenses that are less than 15 percent of what you have lost, you can appreciate the truth to these statements.

Perseverance: Our NJ Car Accident Lawyers Don’t Give Up!

When you have been injured in a car accident, the last thing that you have the time or patience for is getting the runaround from the insurance company. You already have had your life turned upside down from the car accident, injuries, and financial losses.

The last thing you need is an insurance adjuster that can’t seem to do their job.

Receiving the wrong forms to fill out, having treatments denied “accidentally,” and having parts or all of your insurance claim denied for technicalities is all part of the game. It is one of the most common techniques used by insurance companies to lower or eliminate the need to make a payout on a claim.

The adjustors know you are already frustrated by the amount of stress the accident has caused. They know that every person has a limit where they will finally give up pursuing something because the stress is no longer worth the outcome. It is their goal to push you to the point of quitting.

Our law firm is quite familiar with these tactics, and we do not quit. We know that perseverance and fighting hard is key to getting the maximum compensation package for you and your family, so we do not back down when things seem to be getting complicated.

When you have a NJ car accident lawyer manage your claim, you can avoid the frustrations of having to deal with denials and other delay tactics by the insurance company. This will give you the time to focus on healing from your injuries and regain control of your life.

We’ll Stop Claim Delays That Benefit Insurance Companies

Insurance companies are in business to make money. Period. That is their sole purpose, and these companies have mastered this task. When insurance companies collect their monthly premiums, they do not just set this money back to pay out claims; they actively invest this money to make more profits.

When they deny your claims, make low-ball offers, or delay making payments, they are doing this so that they can keep making a profit off of their investments for as long as possible before paying a claim. While some may see this as good business sense, it is also against everything that they say they provide with your policy – coverage in your time of need.

This is not fair. You are facing a financial crisis because of mounting medical bills and missed time at work, yet they are delaying your coverage to make some extra money on their investments. You do not have to accept this type of treatment.

Hiring a New Jersey car accident lawyer to protect your rights as an injury victim is a step in the right direction. Call today to get a FREE case evaluation. 833-323-4448

The Reason For Quick Lowball Car Accident Settlement Offers

Sometimes the facts are just too clear that a car accident victim is entitled to compensation. In these cases, it is also apparent to the insurance companies that the claimant may be entitled to a large settlement. With this in mind, the insurance companies try to act fast and get the claimant to accept a quick offer.

When you are facing the frustrations surrounding a car accident, the option for a quick settlement may be very tempting. You look at those medical bills on your kitchen table and the empty cupboards because of missing work, and you think their car accident settlement offer is a lifesaver.

Although financial problems may feel overwhelming at this time, signing off on an insurance claim too soon can lead to extensive financial problems in the future. It is crucial to understand – when you accept an offer from the insurance company, they are no longer obligated to cover your car accident injuries.

It is hard to tell how many medical bills you may accumulate from your injuries. You don’t know how much work you will have to miss in the future. You don’t even know if all of your medical bills have come in yet when a settlement offer comes in early.

When you accept an early settlement offer, you are giving the insurance company a free pass. They will no longer be obligated to you for anything, and you may face an uncertain financial future because of unforeseen medical expenses and further missed time at work.

It will always be in your best interest to wait until you know for sure what your losses are before accepting any offer from the insurance companies.

Rosengard Law Group NJ car accident lawyers can help calculate ALL of your current and future losses and file a claim that doesn’t leave any money on the table.

Six Tips To Remember When Dealing With The Insurance Company

1- Never agree to give a recorded statement – ever. When you first call the insurance company to let them know an accident occurred, they will quickly ask for a recorded statement of the event. Politely decline – they must honor your request.

2- Never sign anything that may be considered a release. If you sign any insurance document that can be used as a release, the insurance company is no longer obligated to you. All paperwork given to you by the insurance company should be given to your NJ car accident attorney for review.

3- Don’t get friendly with the insurance adjustor. Insurance adjusters are trained to make you feel comfortable by being very personable and friendly. It is important to realize that this is their way of gaining information from you in a natural setting. Anything you say to these adjustors during a conversation has the potential to be twisted and used against you when you are making your car accident claim.

4- Authorize only the medical records from the car accident. The insurance company is going to try to encourage or trick you into signing a release for ALL your medical records. The insurance company only needs the medical records from the car accident. Anything else they get, they will use to say your injuries occurred before the accident or were enhanced by preexisting conditions.

5- Do not accept early offers. If the insurance company starts making offers, it is in your best interest to decline these offers until you speak with an experienced car accident lawyer. Insurance companies only start making early settlement offers when they know that the car accident case is going to cost them a lot.

6- Limit your interactions with the insurance company. Insurance companies have mastered their techniques on how to reduce, dispute, and deny claims. Having your attorney manage all interactions with the insurance company will provide you with the protection you need from predatory practices.

How To Chose The Right NJ Car Accident Lawyer

Now that you have come to the decision that you need an attorney to manage your case, the next question is how to select the right attorney for the job.

Rosengard Law Group has dedicated its practice to personal injury law. We believe that by focusing on one area of law, our attorneys can better represent you.

Every member of our firm is dedicated to helping people who have been injured as a result of negligence. Because we have focused our attention on this area of law, we know it completely, and our clients benefit from this knowledge.

Picking a car accident lawyer to manage your case is something that should not be done without consideration. You want a law firm dedicated to personal injury cases that has the personnel, experience, and skill to successfully win your case.

When Is The Best Time To Hire A Car Accident Lawyer In NJ?

When it comes to hiring an attorney to manage your car accident claim, it is never too early to schedule a FREE case evaluation. In fact, it is always beneficial to hire an attorney as soon as possible after the accident occurs.

If you have been injured in a car accident and believe that you are less than 50 percent at fault, and you have injuries that are a result of that accident, even if they appear shortly after, you are encouraged to speak with one of our car accident attorneys.

During your FREE consultation, we will ask you a series of questions about your accident and your injuries to better determine how to manage your case. If it is determined that you have a claim, we will get the claim process started immediately. We can even help you find qualified medical care (some primary care doctors will not manage accident claims) and transportation to your medical visits if necessary.

Later, if your injuries heal without lasting impact and there are no real economic damages, we will close out your case without any cost to you. However, if you need an attorney for your claim, we will already be managing your case and protecting your rights.

There are no drawbacks to speaking with one of our NJ car accident attorneys. It is absolutely risk-free.

We will provide you with a free case evaluation over the phone, and we have even made hiring an attorney easy by making all documents available to fill out at your convenience online.

Your focus needs to be on recovering from your injuries and losses, not on shuffling paperwork and fighting with the insurance company. We serve the injured, so you can take care of yourself.

What Are My Chances of Winning A NJ Car Accident Claim?

If you have suffered injuries and economic damages from the car accident and are not more than 50 percent responsible and you have quality legal representation, you should have no problem winning your claim.

Less than 5 percent of all car accident claims are not settled outside of court. And if your case does go to trial, around 60 percent of these cases rule in favor of the injured party.

Will I Have To Go To Trial?

Insurance companies are all about saving money. With that in mind, going to trial is very expensive, and the insurance company is going to try to avoid this situation at all costs. This is why less than five percent of all car accident injury claims proceed to trial.

The Federal Bureau of Justice Statistics shows that around 60 percent of all cases that do go to trial end with the Plaintiff winning the claim. These are very good odds for the injured party.

Due to the expenses and time frame that comes with going to trial, your attorney will only recommend taking your case to trial if it is beneficial to your case. If you have strong evidence and the insurance company is just trying to protect its assets, your attorney will file for a trial.

Our attorneys prepare your case as if it were going to trial from the first day we represent you. We know that there is a large probability that it will not go to court, but we do not want to waste your time or money having to go back and prepare for a trial if it becomes necessary. Your best interest is always our main concern.

How Much Is My Car Accident Claim Worth?

One of the main questions that people have about their car accident claim is not if they have a claim, but how much their claim is worth. It is a very valid question.

It is nearly impossible to determine the value of a claim because each accident is different. There are so many different factors that must be addressed that there is no simple formula to come up with this answer.

The best way to maximize your compensation is to work with a car accident lawyer in NJ. Having an attorney manage your case will help you secure nearly four times the amount you would have received for your losses had you managed the case yourself.

Our attorneys will aggressively represent your case so that you receive the maximum compensation for your losses.

We will make sure that all forms of compensation are included in your compensation package.

What Happens If I Don’t Win My Claim Against The Insurance Company?

After everything you have been through since the accident occurred, it is easy to believe that you are not feeling very positive about anything right now, including your insurance claim. Thankfully the odds are on your side. Over 95 percent of all valid car accident claims will settle.

However, if you do not win your claim for whatever reason, not all is lost. Your Personal Injury Protection (PIP) policy is still required to cover your medical expenses. Your personal health insurance plan will cover anything that is not covered by this policy. Of course, deductibles are still required to be met for this type of coverage.

If you do not win your case, you will not receive any compensation for out-of-pocket medical expenses such as deductibles, lost wages, or any other economic or non-economic damage. You will also not be able to claim against your uninsured/underinsured policy.

Since Rosengard Law group works on a contingency basis, meaning that we are only paid when we win your case, you will not have to worry about any of your legal fees if you lose your case.

Rosengard Law Group will advance all of your legal fees, from filing paperwork with the courts to hiring expert witnesses to prove your case. We only get paid a percentage of your compensation if we win your case. So, there is never a risk to you if you do not win your case.

We only get paid for our services if we win your case.

How Long Does It Take To Process A Car Accident Claim?

To be very honest, accident claims take time. The length of time it takes for your claim to process will depend on the following:

  • The length of time necessary for you to reach maximum medical improvement (MMI)
  • The time it takes to gather evidence and review that evidence to build your case
  • Scheduling for interviews, depositions, and meetings
  • Response times from each party when negotiating
  • If your case has to go to trial

A car accident case can settle in as little as a few months and as long as a few years. All of it will depend on the facts of your case.

Thankfully, this does not mean that you will have to devote every minute of your time during this period to your case.

We will manage everything with your claim, and you can focus on rebuilding your life after the car accident.

When Do I Notify The Insurance Company About My Accident?

The law requires that you notify the insurance company immediately about your car accident, so you can receive the medical care you need.

However, we always suggest that you call a car accident lawyer in New Jersey first, then call your insurance company. Calling an attorney will only add a few minutes to the process and can help protect your rights from the start of the process.

Insurance companies know that you “mean business” when you have an attorney managing your claim. They will be less likely to delay and deny medical care, prolong payments, or try to overlook forms of compensation when they know your attorney is taking care of your best interest.

There are many headaches that come with filing an insurance claim. Let us handle your headaches while you manage your recovery.

What Steps Should I Take After A Car Accident?

The steps you take after your car accident can impact your claim for compensation. We recommend the following steps to everyone who has been involved in a car accident in New Jersey.

  • Notify Emergency Services: You will want to notify emergency services so an official police report can be made of the accident. Make sure you do not even imply that you had any responsibility for the accident. Later, it will be important to obtain an official copy of this report.
  • Seek Medical Care: Go to the hospital for an evaluation even if you’re sure you don’t have serious injuries. Concussions, soft tissue injuries, and internal bleeding are hard to determine at the scene of the accident. Better safe than sorry.
  • Keep Records: Write everything down that you remember about the car accident for your personal records. With time you can forget small details. You will also want to save pictures, receipts, medical documents, anything related to the accident that shows your losses.

We also encourage everyone to NOT do the following:

  • Do not give a recorded or written statement to the insurance company before speaking with your car accident attorney.
  • Do not get friendly with the insurance adjuster. Everything you say in a friendly manner can be twisted and used against you.
  • Do not miss medical treatments. Your recovery depends on you getting the necessary medical care for your injuries. Missing appointments tells the insurance company that you are “ok”, and they will use it against you.
  • Avoid posting on social media. We understand that social media is a popular way of communicating with friends and family, but the insurance company will monitor everything you post on your social media. Any post can be twisted to reflect poorly on your case. It is better to avoid social media while you have an active case.

How Much Does A Car Accident Lawyer In New Jersey Cost?

Rosengard Law Group works on a contingency basis. This means that there are NEVER ANY UPFRONT LEGAL FEES.

You do not have to worry about paying for your attorney, court costs, or other legal expenses upfront. We do not get paid until we win your case.

We believe that this is the only way to ensure that everyone has access to quality legal representation in their time of need. Your financial situation because of the accident is hard enough; you do not need extra financial burdens of having to pay for legal fees.

Rosengard Law Group will advance the cost of all of our fees and all the legal expenses related to your case, such as filing fees, court costs, obtaining records, hiring witnesses, and similar fees. When we win your case, our payment will be taken from the settlement.

We will discuss with you during your initial consultation our fee structure. On average, our fees amount to 30 percent of your settlement. Some may feel that this is a high percentage, but when you take into account that having an attorney will secure you a settlement that is almost four times the amount you would have gotten on your own, the fees are just a small portion of what you have won.

We’ll explain our fee structure to you during the free case evaluation. We will also explain how we will not bill by the hour or take unnecessary steps to increase your costs. We work for your best interests always, even when it comes to our payments.

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Being involved in a car accident has created chaos in your life. What was supposed to be a typical day for you has now turned into a nightmare because you have been injured in a car accident. It seems overwhelming and confusing, and you may not know where to turn.

We understand.

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Our attorneys are dedicated to practicing personal injury law and have the experience and knowledge you need to have a successful claim for compensation. We know how insurance companies react to car accident claims, and we are one step ahead of them.

We are here to answer all of your questions and address all of your concerns. During your free case evaluation, we will show you how we can help you with your claim for compensation and help you secure the maximum recovery.

There is no risk, and if you decide to use our services, there are never any upfront legal fees. Call our New Jersey car accident lawyers today, and let us help you get started with your car accident claim.