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Philadelphia Birth Injury Lawyer

Bringing a precious life into the world is a momentous time filled with happiness, change, and wonder about the future. When your baby is injured during or immediately after birth, those thoughts about the future can quickly change from excitement to fear.

Call a Philadelphia Birth Injury Lawyer who will consider the future quality of life of your child and understand the situation you and your baby are facing.

At Rosengard Law Group, we are committed to our passion, which is to improve the lives of those who have been injured through no fault of their own. We understand there is no person more innocent or vulnerable than a newborn baby, and we will fight for every cent your child deserves.

An evaluation with us is 100% FREE, and we are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. You pay absolutely nothing for our services. We get paid a percentage of the settlement when we win your case.

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The birth of a child is a natural human experience, but many complications can occur. If your child is facing medical problems as a result of negligence or malpractice during birth and you need a Philadelphia Birth Injury Lawyer, we’ll navigate the system to secure the money you and your child may need for current and ongoing treatment. Some types of injuries may require lifelong treatment.

Here are some types of birth injuries our Philadelphia injury attorneys deal with:

Oxygen Deprivation During Birth

If a baby goes for too long without an adequate oxygen supply during birth, serious brain injury can result, and it can result in permanent developmental delays and intellectual disability for your baby. This sometimes occurs when a cesarean section is not performed in a timely manner. This can impact your baby’s life and your life for the duration of both. It may result in decreased enjoyment of certain activities and experiences that most children have in childhood, and it also may require lifelong care.

We understand the unique pain you’re facing as you think of your child’s uncertain future. We will aggressively fight for your child to be compensated for the non-deserved challenges they are facing due to the negligence or choices of a medical professional.

Cerebral Palsy

Cerebral palsy is often the result of birth injury or trauma, resulting in physical and developmental disabilities that can make everyday living difficult. Things that are taken for granted by most people, like walking, bathing, and eating, may be affected. These types of disabilities may improve with excellent rehabilitative services, but you need a lot of financial resources to obtain them.

When you need a Newark Birth Attorney Lawyer, you can rest assured that we will fight as hard for you as we would for our own families. Your child deserves the very best and we are dedicated to doing all we can to helping you and your child.

Erb’s Palsy and Facial Paralysis

Sometimes during forceps or vacuum assisted births, nerves can be damaged that can affect your child’s ability to make facial expressions or have use of an arm. This can be permanent damage, although therapy can help. The emotional and social ramifications of these injuries can be significant and may affect your child’s self-image. Not only will your child require medical care, he or she may require extensive counseling to cope with some of these injuries.

We are sensitive to the fact that every child wants and deserves a bright future and to feel like they are important and that they matter. You need a birth injury lawyer that has goals and interests that are aligned with yours. Remember, if you we don’t win your case, YOU PAY NOTHING.

You and your child have already been through enough. Now is the time to focus on healing and recovery while we use our experience and education to obtain as much money as possible for you.

A Philadelphia Birth Injury Lawyer Can Litigate Medical Claims

  • Failure to recognize problems during pregnancy, like congenital heart conditions
  • Failure to properly monitor a high-risk pregnancy, such as advanced maternal age
  • Failure to appropriately monitor mother/baby during labor
  • Late discovery or failure to diagnose nuchal cord, placenta previa, abruptio placenta
  • Allowing a mother to labor more than 24 hours after her water breaks, causing infection
  • Lack of communication between medical professionals, causing treatment delay
  • Inappropriate interventions or lack of intervention when necessary
  • Failure to refer certain patients to high risk doctors, such as those with chronic illness
  • Lack of appropriate prenatal testing that leads to fetal injury

Having a Philadelphia Injury Birth Lawyer Improves Your Chances of Winning a Case

You already have been through so much physically, emotionally, and financially. Life hasn’t gone the way you had hoped for your baby, and you may feel grief and anger and don’t know where to turn.

There is hope for a better future for you and your baby, and Rosengard Law Group is dedicated to helping you find that hope and achieve the best outcome possible.

Will with FIGHT for the MAXIMUM COMPENSATION for you and your family.

Going the legal road alone is hard, but having an experienced birth injury attorney can increase your chances of winning a case by almost four times.

You are going to need money to adequately care for your child’s injury that happened through no fault of yours. You have nothing to lose by letting our competent lawyers evaluate your case for free.

Your Role Is Important

Hospitals and Physicians are often quick to settle out of court, especially when they are certain they were negligent. This is exactly when you need an attorney in order to make sure your child is represented in court and that his or her interests are protected. It is important to document as much as possible with your own photos and write detailed accounts and dates. Make note of names of individuals involved, times that things occurred, and any other details that you can notate.

It is imperative that you do not not speak to the hospital’s lawyer or even an insurance company until you call us. The evaluation is free and YOU NEVER PAY US. This means that you can concentrate on being your child’s parent while we concentrate on being you and your child’s legal advocate.

Life is hard – it’s even harder when it starts with a medical error. Call today and let an experienced Philadelphia Injury Birth Lawyer help you navigate the legal system in order to make sure your child is compensated for the pain and suffering they have already experienced and may endure in the future, and also so they have the best medical care and quality of life possible.