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Trucking Company Negligence in Truck Accident

After a trucking accident, you may think that you are limited to suing only the driver for the event. In many cases, your Philadelphia truck accident lawyer may also be able to hold the trucking company liable for the accident. Actions or inactions taken by the trucking company may have been the actual cause of your accident.

Your trucking accident attorney will review all federal and state regulations to determine if the trucking company was in violations of any of these laws. If so, your attorney will seek compensation from the trucking company for your injuries and losses.

Overworked Truck Drivers

Truck drivers that are pushed to make deadlines that are impossible without violating sleep and break laws are a danger on the road. The same applies to drivers that are required to operate their vehicle at excessive speeds to make the delivery schedule. If an accident is the result of a truck driver who is being forced to meet an impossible delivery schedule, the trucking company can be held liable for the accident.

Undertrained Truck Drivers

Operating a commercial vehicle requires special training. All drivers are required to pass a written exam and a driving test before they receive a commercial driver’s license (CDL). New drivers are often put in with more experienced drivers when they first begin to operate a truck so that they can get the first-hand experience driving a truck before going out on their own.

If the trucking company puts an inexperienced driver or a driver without the proper training behind the wheel of one of their commercial trucks, they place everyone on the road at risk,

Trucking companies can be held responsible for their hiring practices as well. If the company has a history of hiring drivers with a long list of violations, the practice can be viewed as negligent business practices.

Improper Maintenance of Trucks

Commercial vehicles cover hundreds, if not thousands of miles each week. With so much wear and tear on these vehicles, it is critical to keep these trucks in good repair. Some trucking companies overlook maintenance schedules or worn parts on a truck in an effort to save money. When this happens, trucking companies are putting a potentially dangerous vehicle on the road.

Improperly Loaded Trailers

If the trucking company does not load their trailers correctly, they pose a huge risk on the roads. Loads that are too heavy or have not been distributed correctly over the axels can become difficult or impossible to control. Loads that have not been secured properly can shift during transport and cause the driver to lose control of the trailer.

Loading or Unloading Doctrine

Some states have special laws in place that require trucking insurance to cover injuries that occur when a truck is being loaded or unloaded. If this special doctrine applies to your case, your attorney will seek damages from the trucking company for your losses.

Contact A Truck Accident Attorney

When you have been involved in a commercial trucking accident, filing a claim for compensation can be complicated. There is a potential for several parties to be responsible for the accident, and multiple insurance companies will be involved.

The trucking industry is regulated by federal and state laws. In some areas, local laws may also apply. To make a claim for compensation, you will have to show which of these laws or regulations have been violated.

If you have been injured in a truck driving accident, it will always be in your best interest to contact a lawyer. Your lawyer understands all of the laws surrounding the trucking industry and can secure a full compensation package for your losses.

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