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Trenton Back and Neck Injury Lawyers

Did a workplace accident leave you with a back injury? If so, you aren’t alone: back injuries are one of the most common work-related injuries reported in the United States. In fact, 1 out of every 5 workplace injuries is a back injury. It’s a common misconception that only those involved in vigorous physical labor are at risk or harming their back, but even jobs where one sits in an office chair or drives a vehicle for extended hours are at risk.

If you have suffered a back injury through no fault of your own, you may be legally entitled to compensation. A Trenton back and injury lawyer from Rosengard Law Group can assist you with your case. They have all the resources needed to identify those responsible and litigate on your behalf.

What Constitutes A Back Injury?

Your back is vital to all the motions your body makes. As such, the back, neck, shoulders, and spinal column are at great risk for injury from doing routine tasks. When any of these connected parts are injured your ability to move is greatly hindered. Once chronic pain sets in, even the slightest motion can send searing pain throughout your body. Working becomes difficult or even impossible, and soon your overall quality of life suffers.

There are several different types of back injuries. They range in severity, at least at first, but over time even mild sprains can become debilitating. That’s why it’s important that you limit your physical activity once you’ve gotten the injury diagnosed by a medical professional. After you’ve been diagnosed you should reach out to a Trenton back and injury lawyer as soon as possible to get a consultation and begin working on your case.

The causes of most back injuries can be divided into three different groups:

  • Repetitive motion, like lifting, bending, and sitting up.
  • Sudden impact from a fall.
  • Poor posture, which can result from slouching in a chair or leaning over a conveyor belt or table.

A multitude of back injuries can result from these three causes, but the most commonly reported are the following:

  • Fractured vertebrae. A fractured vertebra is among the most severe back injuries. Vertebrae are the bones that make up the spinal column. Injured vertebrae are treated very seriously because of their proximity to the spinal cord.
  • Sprains. Muscle fatigue can result when muscles are frequently used, leading to sprains. Though sprains are a very common injury, they shouldn’t be taken lightly: sprained muscles are at greater risk for re-injury after they’ve healed, potentially creating a repetitive cycle.
  • Herniated disks. The vertebrae are protected by disks that absorb some of the shocks that result from impact against the back. Herniated disks are those that have become dislodged and begin pushing against nerves or organs, leading to potentially life-threatening complications if left unchecked.

What Do I Do If I Suffered A Back Injury At Work?

When you experience a back injury at work, you’ll likely be directed to file for workers compensation to cover medical expenses and some lost wages. However, if the accident was the result of someone else’s actions or negligence, you also have the option to file a personal injury claim in conjunction with a worker’s compensation claim. A personal injury claim covers more than workers compensation, including full lost wages, future medical expenses, and pain and suffering.

A Trenton back and injury lawyer will be needed to navigate the litigation process. They will investigate your claim and identify the party or parties responsible for your injury. Just as important, they will identify the factors that caused your injury, which is necessary to prove your step. These result from the negligence of the guilty party failing to adequately train employees, not having the workplace meet safety standards, or not properly labeling hazards.

It’s the lawyer’s job to argue that the identified party did not meet the expectations required of them or otherwise acted irresponsibly, creating a scenario where dangerous factors could exist. These factors can include, but are not limited to:

  • Poor, inadequate, or defective safety equipment
  • Unmarked conditional hazards, like wet floors or electrical equipment
  • Poorly maintained machinery
  • Incomplete training

Don’t prolong your pain and suffering. Reach out to the Rosengard Law Group today for a FREE CONSULTATION and let our lawyers aid you in finding those responsible for your injury and holding them responsible. From filing the initial lawsuit to final judgment, our team will stand beside you and together we’ll pursue the compensation you deserve.

You should focus on your recovery. Let Rosengard Law Group handle your claim. But don’t delay – time is always pivotal when it comes to lawsuits. If you’re in need of a Trenton back and injury lawyer, contact Rosengard Law Group now and discover what we can do to help.