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If you suspect that your loved one is being harmed by someone at a nursing home, it is imperative that you call a Trenton nursing home abuse lawyer. Contacting an attorney can help stop the abuse and prevent it from happening to anyone else. Protect your loved one by contacting an attorney immediately if any type of abuse is suspected.

Nursing homes are facilities that are used to help care for sickly people who cannot necessarily care for themselves as well as they should. In most cases, nursing homes are filled with elderly patients that need day-to-day assistance. However, many nursing homes take in people who need after surgery care or are recovering from a severe illness.

Overall, a nursing home is a medical facility that cares for some of the most fragile people in our society. Nursing home abuse, in its many forms, is simply unacceptable. Nursing home abuse must be stopped. Our law firm always takes the necessary steps to report this abuse to the right authorities so that an investigation can be conducted.

Trenton Nursing Home Abuse Lawyers See These Common Types

Sadly, when a person is in a nursing home facility, there are many different types of abuse that can occur. Family members and loved ones should always be cautious of how their loved one is being treated and should act upon any suspected abuse.

The most common types of abuse experienced in a nursing home setting include:

Physical Abuse

It should be understood that physical abuse in a nursing home situation is more than a battery. Physical abuse can also include the excessive use of restraints, excessive use of chemical sedation, or overmedicating the patient and force-feeding. If you believe that any type of physical violation is taking place, contact a Trenton nursing home abuse attorney about your suspicions.

Mental or Emotional Abuse

Mental and emotional abuse can cause significant harm to the patient. Staff members that yell, act sarcastically, belittle, or intimidate patients are abusing them emotionally and mentally. Patients that are treated this way will often forgo asking for necessities or medical attention out of fear that they will be shamed or threatened.

Mental and emotional abuse is much harder for loved ones to notice. However, if your loved one is becoming withdrawn, acting afraid, suddenly depressed or acts differently when staff members are present, family members should investigate into these causes.


Neglect is described as the failure of a caregiver to provide necessities. In a nursing home setting neglect can occur in many different ways.

Some of the more common forms of neglect include:

  • Failure to provide food or drink leading to malnutrition and dehydration
  • Failure to provide hygiene care
  • Failure to move patent properly resulting in bed sores or fractures
  • Failure to provide necessary medical care
  • Failure to address health and safety concerns of the patient or their surroundings
  • Failure to address sanitary conditions

Financial Abuse

Another form of abuse that has started to take place in nursing homes is financial abuse. Bad employees are taking financial advantage of these patients, and bank accounts are being drained, Wills are being changed, and Power of Attorney is being granted to people who should not have such power. If you see that your loved one is quickly going into debt, not paying their bills or has made recent changes to their legal documents, you should investigate the situation quickly.

Sexual Abuse

Sexually abuse does happen in nursing homes because most of the people under care are vulnerable and unable to fight back. Sexual abuse can happen by the employees or by anyone who is allowed t enter into the facility such as vendors and suppliers and visitors to other patients.

IF YOU SUSPECT ABUSE, contact a Trenton nursing home abuse lawyer immediately. Your attorney can take all the necessary actions to stop the abuse and to investigate the issue. Your loved one depends on you.

SCHEDULE A FREE CONSULTATION. Speaking to an attorney about this matter should not be delayed. Your loved one has the right to seek damages for their injuries and losses and filing an abuse case will force government agencies to investigate the home.

Common Causes Of Trenton Nursing Home Abuse

Most of the issues that occur within a nursing home are directly related to the staff. However, some causes of nursing home abuse may be the result f the policies and practices of the nursing home or caused by third-party abusers.

Nursing homes are responsible for making policies that cause no harm to patients. They may also be held responsible for any actions taken by other people while on their premises.

The most common causes of nursing home abuse include:

Negligent Hiring Practices

The staff of a nursing home should meet specific criteria so that quality care standards can be met by the facility. However, in an effort to reduce the time it takes to fill positions and the push to fill these positions with lower-skilled employees so they can reduce payroll costs, these nursing homes become negligent in their hiring practices.

References are left unchecked, skill sets and educational backgrounds are left verified, and in some cases, criminal histories are overlooked. All of these practices lead to potentially dangerous or negligent employees caring for our most fragile citizens.


The Center for Disease Control (CDC) has stated that one o the leading causes of injuries and accidents in a nursing home facility is understaffing. Nurses, aides, and other staff members who become overburdened with duties will start overlooking tasks because there is not enough time to handle all of their responsibilities. When this happens, patients are usually the first to suffer.

Improper or Inadequate Training

Employees that are not properly trained can cause harm to the patients. All staff should be trained to move patients safely and hat the proper procedures are when an accident occurs. Employees should be aware of reporting methods if they think that another staff member is acting improperly with the patients by being cruel, abusive, or negligent.

All staff members should be trained on proper sanitation methods and infection control. All other duties required by the staff member should be evaluated, and training should be provided if necessary.

Medication Errors

Medications are a large part of caring for the elderly. Dispensing these medications are also crucial to their effectiveness. Many medications require that they are taken at specific intervals each day, with or without food, or with other specific medications, Medication errors can lead to serious health risks to the patient.

Medication errors may also include incorrect dispensing of medications, drug interactions with other medications being used, wrong dosage, or failing to provide the necessary medications for a disorder. Doctors, pharmacists, and nurses can all be held liable for medication errors in a nursing home setting.

Common Signs of Nursing Home Abuse In Trenton

Here are many indicators that your loved one is being abused in a nursing home setting, Loved ones should be aware of any noticeable:

  • Bruising, Cuts, and Bumps
  • Bed Sores
  • Cracked lips, discolored lips, discolored eyes and Excessive Weight Loss. These are signs of dehydration and malnutrition
  • Urinary Tract Infections and Kidney Problems
  • Infections and Infectious Diseases
  • Patient grows quiet or changes how they act in front of a specific employee
  • Sudden changes to their finances
  • Sudden changes to legal documents lie Power of Attorney or Last Will

It is important to remember that many abuse victims, especially the elderly, are very embarrassed by being abused. This shame often causes them to keep the abuse quiet. Loved ones must keep a watchful eye to make sure that any abuse that is occurring is stopped.

How A Trenton Nursing Home Neglect Attorney Can Help

Nursing home abuse should never be tolerated in any manner or form. Caring for those in need is something that should be handled by compassionate and skilled personnel that strive to provide quality care and dignity to the patients. Anything less than those standards is simply unacceptable.

IF YOUR LOVED ONE HAS BEEN HARMED, you are encouraged to contact one of our Trenton nursing home abuse lawyers immediately. Document everything about your suspicions and gather any proof you may have about the abuse. The first thing that our attorneys will do is report this abuse to the right authorities so that an investigation can begin.

Once the case has been reported to the authorities, our law firm will begin our own investigation into the abuse and start building a case for compensation for your loved one.

NEVER A FEE. Our Trenton nursing home abuse attorneys work on a contingency basis. We will never charge a fee unless we win your case. We encourage you to schedule a FREE CONSULTATION to discover how we can help you and your loved one stop the abuse and recover damages.

Do not delay. Your loved one needs you to protect them in their time of need. Contact a Trenton nursing home neglect attorney today.