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Trenton Personal Injury Lawyer

Consulting with an experienced Trenton personal injury lawyer may be the only way to recover just compensation for your losses. Contrary to what many people mistakenly believe, personal injury claims can be quite complex. The fact is that defendants and their insurance companies will do all they can to avoid paying compensation. Our team will fight to protect your rights.

Our primary concern at Rosengard Law Group is that your health and finances are restored or compensated for. We know just how difficult insurance companies can be to deal with. Victims of personal injuries are often faced with additional victimization when they go up against insurance adjusters.

With our experienced and professional lawyers in your corner, you won’t have to worry about being victimized. You can focus on your recovery while we battle it out with the insurance company. Let our experienced personal injury attorneys handle your case. We’ll fight with the aim of recovering maximum compensation for your injuries.

Trenton Personal Injury Cases Our Attorneys Handle

  • Car Accidents
  • Truck Accidents
  • Motorcycle Accidents
  • Birth Injuries
  • Brain Injuries
  • Construction Accidents
  • Medical Malpractice
  • Nursing Home Neglect
  • Product Liability
  • Social Security Disability
  • Spinal Cord Injury
  • Workers’ Compensation
  • Wrongful Death

Steps to take after a Trenton NJ Personal Injury

Personal injuries, depending on their severity, can turn your life upside down. It can be difficult to get your life back to normal physically, psychologically and financially. Our Trenton personal injury lawyers will fight to protect your legal rights. We’ll help you start picking up the pieces by recovering compensation from the responsible parties.

Recovering compensation for injuries can be a complex process. However, taking the right steps after your injury can save you a lot of time and effort in recovering compensation down the line. The following are some steps that you should take to help improve your chances of recovering compensation.

Report the incident

It’s important to have an official report of the accident whenever possible. This may be in the form of a police report or even an incident report at a mall. These official reports provide details of the accident including the time it occurred, a description of the scene as well as witness testimonies and their contact information. These reports are central to establishing fault in personal injury cases.

Preserve evidence

This may include taking photos of the scene of the accident and your injuries. You may also want to preserve personal belongings such as the shoes you were wearing when you slipped in the supermarket for example.

Other pieces of evidence you should preserve include medical reports, copies of incident reports and videos.

Seek medical attention

This is important even if you believe your injuries aren’t substantial. Many injuries have delayed onset. Symptoms of injuries such as whiplash only begin to show after a few hours or even days.

A medical examination after the accident will reveal the extent of your injuries. This will ensure you get the treatment you require as soon as possible and therefore avoid complications. It will also provide you with a medical record of the injuries you sustained in the accident.

Talk to a Trenton personal injury attorney

Don’t wait until your personal injury claim is denied to seek the assistance of a personal injury attorney. Start consulting with a professional as soon as possible. We provide free consultation for personal injury victims. You can discuss your case with an experienced professional without worrying about the cost.

Our services are offered under no obligations. We’ll explore your legal options with you and help you determine the best approach to your case.
A personal injury claim can become very complex as insurance adjusters do all they can to protect their companies.

An experienced Trenton personal injury lawyer can help you navigate these complexities and successfully recover the compensation that is rightly yours.

Meeting a Trenton Personal Injury Attorney

Our Trenton personal injury attorneys offer a free consultation for personal injury victims. It is therefore important to take advantage of your first meeting with a personal injury attorney to determine the best way forward with your case.

In the first meeting, we’d like to collect as much information about you and your case as we possibly can. The length of the consultative interview is often determined by the complexity of your case. For example, a meeting for a straight forward car accident claim may not take as long as a consultation for a medical malpractice case.

It is important to come prepared for the consultation. You should, therefore, carry any evidence you may have with you. This may include photos, medical records, incidence reports and much more.

How Consultations with Trenton Personal Injury Lawyers Work

Our lawyers will wait to hear your side of the story. Our clients rely on us to be objective about their cases. You can, therefore, expect to be questioned about your case. While some questions may be hard to hear, the answers may help you find out more about your claim and help to determine the best approach to your claim.

Consultations also involve a review of the evidence you have in possession. It is, therefore, best to carry any documentation that is related to your case. This includes medical reports, prescriptions, photos of injuries, photos of the accident scene, incident reports, letters from work and much more.

What to Expect

As you prepare for your initial meeting with a Trenton personal injury lawyer, it helps to know what to expect.

Signing an authorization for release

You may be asked by your attorney to sign an authorization for the release of your medical records from your health care provider. This is so that they can obtain your medical records. These records are vital for building a strong claim. They will show that type and severity of the injuries you suffered as a result of the accident.

The lawyer will also want to know about the current state of your injuries. They will be interested in knowing whether you are in pain as well as the prognosis your doctor has given you. For example, if you will be disabled and unable to return to work.

Tackling communication about the incident

Your attorney will ask about who you have talked to about the accident. Be sure to mention anyone you may have talked to about the accident or your injuries. This may include insurance adjusters, your friends or event posts on social media. Any information you may give to anyone other than your lawyer may be used against you by the insurance company. It is best to refrain from discussing your injuries or the accident to anyone.

Discussion on your legal options

In some instances, attorneys will prefer to have some time to reflect on the circumstances of your case and decide on the available legal options. They may call you back for another meeting to discuss the options available for you.

Not all lawyers will be willing to take on your case. They may decline to take you on as a client for various reasons including a big workload or lack of specialty in the area your case falls under. They may refer you to another attorney or simply let you know why they have declined to take your case on. If your case has been declined, don’t give up. Seek a second opinion from a different law firm.

Signing contract

If the attorney decides to take you on as a client, you will be required to sign a retainer. Be sure to read through it carefully before you sign. If there are any issues or areas that are unclear, talk to the attorney. They will help clarify it.

Speak with Your Trenton NJ Personal Injury Lawyer about Case Options

There are several options for personal injury claims. Very few claims make it to small claims court. In many cases, personal injury cases are settled outside court through Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR).

ADR may include:


Many personal injury claims often begin with voluntary participation of both the defendant and the plaintiff. It is best to have a skilled and experienced Trenton personal injury lawyer in your corner. We will represent you in negotiations to protect your rights and fight for maximum compensation. We’ll be the buffer you need to protect you from being intimidated by insurance adjusters and insurance company lawyers. Our attorneys have perfected their skills in negotiations and are well-versed in the art. You can rely on us to get you a fair deal.


In some instances, personal injury claims may require a third party to assist in obtaining a resolution. Mediators provide a proposal for the claim after hearing arguments from both sides. The proposal offered by the mediator, however, is not binding by law. It is therefore up to both parties to implement it or not.


In this process, a third party acts as a facilitator for both parties. The goal of the process is to help the parties reach a resolution by building a positive relationship and enhancing understanding between the parties. The conciliator works to help parties clarify misconceptions and therefore come to an understanding.


Like mediation, arbitration involves a third party. However, this third party acts as a judge. They listen to both sides of the argument and then give a verdict. Unlike mediation, the verdict given by the arbitrator is binding by law. However, both parties have the freedom to appeal to the decision.

How much is my Trenton Personal Injury claim worth?

Many victims that approach us want to know how much their claims are worth. We know just how distressing life can be when facing numerous medical bills, lost income and the potential of a lifelong impairment. Many victims want to know if they will be able to recover compensation that will provide them with financial security.

Unfortunately, even an experienced Trenton personal injury attorney can’t put an exact value on your claim. There are many variables to be considered when determining the value of a case. Each personal injury case is unique and the compensation is given to suit this uniqueness.
An experienced personal injury attorney however, can provide you with an estimate of the value of your claim. This can be given based on the following factors:

  • Lost income
  • Loss of potential to earn income in the future
  • Past, current and future medical expenses
  • Pain and suffering
  • Property damage
  • Loss of consortium
  • Economic damage
  • Comparative negligence.

New Jersey is a comparative negligence state. This means that the compensation you are awarded may be reduced in proportion to the percentage of fault assigned to you. This means that if you were found to be 20 percent responsible for the accident, you will only be awarded 80 percent of the total compensation.

If you are found to have contributed to causing the accident by more than 50%, you will not be awarded any compensation.

Defenses against your claim

Defendants and insurance companies don’t go down without a fight. They’ll do all they can to avoid having to pay you compensation or minimize their payout. An experienced Trenton personal injury attorney will be familiar with all the tricks used by defendants. We will counter any defense they bring against your claim.

Some of the most common defenses include:

Assumption of risk

Under this doctrine, you are assumed to have known the risks involved in the activity you were engaging in when you were injured. This often applies in sporting activities such as skiing, rock climbing or other such extreme sports. If you were engaged in an activity that was inherently dangerous, you cannot recover damages for injuries.

Comparative negligence

In states like New Jersey, your contribution to the accident is also considered. If you were found to have contributed to the accident by more than 50 percent, you cannot recover damages. For example, if you were texting while crossing the street. See comparative negligence.

Pre-existing injuries

The injuries suffered must be shown to have developed as a result of the accident caused by the negligence of the defendant. Medical records should be provided as evidence of this. If your injuries were present prior to the accident, you cannot recover compensation for them.
Other defenses include contractual waivers, limitations of liability and releases.

Talk to a Trenton Personal Injury Lawyer

Talk to a Trenton personal injury lawyer today to find out if you have a valid claim. Take advantage of our free consultation to discuss your case with an experienced attorney. We’ll thoroughly investigate your claim and fight to help you recover maximum compensation for your injuries and losses.