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Injuries that occur at a business may fall under premises liability law.

Slip and fall injuries are some of the most difficult cases to prove, and anyone who has been injured on a commercial property will need the assistance of a Trenton premises liability lawyer.

It is the responsibility of the injured party to prove that the owner or management of the property was aware but failed to correct the issue that led to your injury.

This can become difficult without the assistance of NJ injury lawyers in the field who can pull records, interview employees and witnesses, and have an accident recreated, so fault and blame can be assigned correctly.


You do not have to face the chaos and confusion of trying to fight a premises liability case on your own.

Your main concern should be to make a recovery from your injuries, not battle with insurance companies about the accident.

Types Cases Our Trenton Premises Liability Lawyers Handle

Most people believe that a premises liability case is just a legal term for slip and fall accident. While slip and fall events are covered under this area of law, there are several other issues that fall under this area of law as well. Some of the more prominent premises liability cases include:

Slip and Fall

A slip and fall accident can occur from wet flooring, icy flooring or walkways, or loose tiles or carpeting. Cracks or holes in tile flooring, frayed rugs that have connected threads sticking up that can wrap around your feet, or improper placement of signage are additional reasons for slip and fall events. Cluttered or littered walkways and careless employees can also lead to a slip and fall accident.

Escalator or Elevator Accidents

There are many different things that can go wrong on an elevator or escalator that leads to an injury. Your Trenton premises liability lawyer will make closely examine these events to see if this is a premises liability or a product liability case.

Staircase Accidents

There are several conditions that could cause a stairs-related accident. Cluttered stairways, poorly lit staircases, and steps that do not have the proper anti-slip protection on the are the leading cause of stairway accidents, Loose or missing handrails is another significant cause of these accidents.

Falling Objects

Shelving that is old, poorly constructed, poorly maintained, or overstocked can be dangerous and cause items stacked on the shelves to fall. Other types of falling objects include poorly installed ceiling fixtures and signage.

Dangerous Exterior Conditions

There are several ways that you could be injured while outside of a place of business. Parking areas and entrance walkways that are not properly maintained can lead to falls. Improper clearing of ice and snow can also make entering or exiting the building dangerous. Poorly lit areas or large shrubbery can also be a sufficient hiding place for criminals. If you are criminally attacked because the business provided the right conditions for the attack to happen, your Trenton premises liability lawyer will take action on your behalf to claim compensation for your losses.

Weather Conditions

It is the obligation of a business owner t make sure that their place of business is safe to enter and exit. This includes taking the proper precautions when it is raining, snowing or ice has formed. Walkways must be kept dry and safe, and parking areas must be maintained with snow and ice removal.

Other types of scenarios can happen when you are on a commercial property. If you have been injured in any way while you are a guest on a commercial property, call for a FREE CASE EVALUATION. Your NJ premises liability attorney will examine the facts and tell you how you can proceed with your claim for compensation.

Four Facts To Establish A Trenton NJ Premises Liability Case

New Jersey law requires that all premises liability cases meet the following four conditions:

  • A dangerous condition existed on the property
  • The owner or management should have known of that dangerous condition
  • The dangerous condition was the reason for the accident
  • The accident caused the injury

Existence of a Dangerous Condition

The most important part of this type of event is proving that the dangerous condition existed. Sometimes this can be difficult because the property owner will make the necessary repair after the accident occurred. It is very important that you try to get pictures of the accident site at the time of the event.

If your injuries prevent you from taking pictures, send a loved one back to the scene as soon as possible to try to take some pictures of where the accident happened. If this is not possible, don’t worry too much, there will be records of any repairs that were made, and this can prove there was an issue to begin with that caused your accident.

The Dangerous Condition Should Have Been Known

Your Trenton premises liability attorney will need to be able to prove that the dangerous condition was not something that just happened but was something that the property owner knew about and failed to repair.

Your attorney will pull maintenance records and other information to show that the condition was there and that the owner or manager failed to make the necessary corrections to protect their patrons.

The Dangerous Condition Caused the Accident

This is one of the easier parts of the case. The attorney will need to show that the dangerous condition such as a poorly lit stairwell, led to your accident. Since you are not claiming any other event as the cause of the accident; this is very simple to prove.

The Accident Caused Your Injuries

Your injuries and other losses must be a direct result of the accident. You must have been “damaged” by the event physically and financially to seek compensation. If you tripped and fell and nothing happened except you feeling a little embarrassed, there is no cause for a lawsuit.

However, if you fell down a flight of stairs because of a broken handrail, fractured your arm and injured your spine and have been out of work for the last six months and have extensive hospital bills, you have been “damaged” by the event.

If your Trenton premises liability lawyer can prove all four of these conditions, they will proceed with your case for compensation.

Important Information About Being Injured On A Commercial Property in Trenton

If you are injured at any time on a commercial property, you should take the following steps to protect your rights as an injury victim:

  • File an Accident Report. You will want to notify the management of the accident and file the appropriate report. It is very important that you stay at the scene of the accident when filing the report so that it can be verified where and when it happened. Include as much information as possible and ask any witnesses to leave their contact information on the document.
  • Seek Medical Care. You will want to have a medical exam so that you can be checked and treated for injuries. Many injuries are not noticed at the scene, so it is important to be checked by a medical professional.
  • Follow Medical Instructions. It is very important that you follow the recommendations of your medical care provider. Insurance companies see non-compliance of medical care as a reason to deny claims.
  • Contact a Trenton Premises Liability Lawyer. You should contact an attorney as soon as possible so that the process to prove fault can begin. If you wait too long repairs and changes can be made to the property which can make your case harder to prove.
  • Document Everything. Keeping a journal of the accident and how it has impacted your life will be a very helpful tool for your attorney to prove the seriousness of the case. Be honest in your journal, when you have good days make sure you document them too.
  • Avoid Social Media. The insurance company covering the accident will monitor your social media activity looking for reasons to deny your claim. Avoid talking about your injury or accident as much as possible on social media sites. The smallest comment can be “taken the wrong way” and used against your case.

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Premises liability cases are subject to the Statute of Limitations. It is essential to seek legal representation as soon as possible after the accident has occurred. Hiring an attorney shortly after the event also helps protect evidence and keeps the event fresh in the mind of witnesses.

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