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Spinal cord injuries change lives. Even a minor injury can change the way that a person lives their daily lives. If you have been a victim of a spinal cord injury, you are encouraged to contact a NJ injury attorney as soon as possible.

Injuries to the spine and spinal cord are often considered catastrophic. This is because injuries to the spine can impact several areas of the body at once. The spinal column performs many functions in the body, and an injury can impair one or more of these functions.

Damages to any area of the spine, but especially to the spinal cord, can lead to nerve damage and excessive pain problems, paralysis, loss of control over bodily functions, sporadic nerve or muscle spasms, and an inability to sit or stand for long periods, if at all.

If you have been harmed by the actions of another person or entity, you are entitled to receive compensation for your losses.

Common Accidents Leading To Spinal Cord Injuries

An injury to the spine can happen in an accident. However, there are a few types of accidents that are often associated with injuries to the spine. The type of accident that caused your injury will determine the type of personal injury case your Trenton spinal cord injury lawyer will file.

Car and Truck Accidents

Car accidents can result in injuries to the spine. The impact of the accident can jolt the spine and crush vertebrae, which can, in turn, impact the spinal cord. Multi-car accidents and accidents involving commercial vehicle often experience the most spinal cord injuries because of the amount of fore that occurs with these events. However, even a low-speed accident can result in severe injuries to the spine.

Motorcycle Accidents

Motorcycle accidents often have multiple injuries, many of which are catastrophic. The driver of the motorcycle does not have the same physical protections as the people in the passenger vehicles. Motorcyclists are often thrown from their vehicle during the crash, and the impact hen they land can cause severe spinal injuries.

It is especially important for anyone involved in a motorcycle accident in New Jersey to seek legal guidance from a Trenton spinal cord injury lawyer about their case because of the laws surrounding these types of accidents. Insurance companies have different laws and regulations regarding these accidents, and the cyclist must protect their rights.

Work Related Accidents

Work-related injuries can happen for a variety of reasons. The most common cause of spinal cord injuries in the workplace is falling or falling objects. Your Trenton spinal cord injury lawyer would help you file a worker’s compensation claim if your injuries occurred at work.

Additionally, your lawyer will also investigate if there are any liable third parties for the accident. If a defective product, poorly maintained equipment, or premises issue caused the fall and injury, your lawyer might seek compensation on your behalf from these parties as well as from workers comp.

Slip and Fall Accidents

Not many people realize that one of the most common injuries in a slip and fall accident is an injury to the spine. Depending on how the person fell, the jolt to the spine can cause damage or direct impact to the spine can cause harm. If you have injured your spine in a slip and fall accident, your attorney will investigate a premises liability case for you so that you can claim damages.

Medical Malpractice

Various medical scenarios can lead to damage to your spinal cord. If your injury is a result of medical malpractice, your attorney will request compensation for your injuries in a NJ medical malpractice lawsuit.

Defective Product

Defective products are any product that is placed on the market for consumers to use or purchase. This may include defective medical devices, defective automotive products, and any other defective consumable good. If your injury were a result of a defective product, your attorney would seek compensation from all contributing parties.

A defective product case may also be a part of a class action lawsuit. If many people have been harmed by the product, the court system may require that the cases are all combined into one large case with multiple plaintiffs. If this type of case is in your best interest, your attorney may recommend that you join the class action suit.

Of course, a spinal cord injury can occur in an accident. If you have been injured by a negligent action of any type, contact a Trenton spinal cord injury lawyer about your case. You should not have to suffer losses due to the negligence of another person or business.

Compensation for Spinal Cord Injuries

Your Trenton spinal cord injury lawyer will apply for all forms of compensation you are entitled to under the law for the injuries that you received. Your compensation may include one or more of the following types of compensation:

Medical Expenses – Current and Future

All of the medical expenses associated with the treatment of your injury will be included in the compensation package. This will include all medical care that you have received to date. It will also include all medical care that you may need in the future to treat the condition.

Future medical costs will include things like necessary future operations, continued care, in-home care, and medication costs. Your Trenton spinal cord injury lawyer will work closely with your medical care providers to determine what you will need in the future for medical care and use that information to help devise a compensation amount.

Lost Wages and Benefits

All of the wages that you have lost due to the injury will be included in your compensation. This includes the hourly wages that you should have been paid had you attended work and any employer-paid benefits. The benefits may have been employer contributions to your health care premiums, retirement plan, or profit-sharing plans.

Lost Earnings Capacity

If you will not be able to return to your employment position, or if you can only return to a part-time position or lesser paying job, you are entitled to compensation. Your attorney will calculate all of the wages you should have earned from this date to the average retirement age and request compensation for your future losses.

Additionally, if your position had benefits that were paid for by your employer, including a pension plan, your Trenton spinal cord injury lawyer will seek compensation for these losses.

Additional Associated Expenses

There may be many additional expenses associated with your injury. Your attorney may seek compensation for one or more of the following:

  • Expenses associated with over the counter medical supplies
  • Care for in-home services you can no longer perform such as house cleaning, yard maintenance and auto repairs
  • Costs to make adjustments to your home or vehicle to accommodate your injury and café
  • If you were involved in an accident, your attorney may seek damages for losses to personal property such as broken glasses, dentures or dental work or hearing aides.

Pain and Suffering

Pain and suffering are non-economic forms of compensation. The amount of this type of compensation is based on the facts of the case and your injury. Your attorney will work with you and your medical care provider to determine the true extent of your pain and suffering and what should be anticipated in the future.

Using this information, your Trenton spinal cord injury lawyer will come up with a compensation amount that will reflect the severity of your injury.

Mental Anguish

Your attorney may include the mental anguish you experience as part of your pain and suffering, or they may make a separate claim. Your attorney will discuss this part with you during one of your meetings.

Loss of Enjoyment of Life

If the injury has caused you to change the way that you experience life, your lawyer will ask for compensation for your loss of enjoyment of life. During your FREE CONSULTATION, your attorney will explain to you how this type of compensation applies to your case.

Loss of Consortium

If your injury has changed how you can interact with your spouse, your lawyer will request compensation for your loss of consortium. It would not be unusual for your attorney to file a separate case on behalf of your spouse for this same type of compensation.

If you are entitled to additional or different forms of compensation, your attorney will discuss this with you based on the facts of your case.

Protect Your Rights And Speak With A Trenton Spinal Cord Injury Lawyer

Injury victims have particular rights to request compensation when they have been hurt by another person or entity. Even though this monetary compensation cannot fix the injury itself, it can help ease the financial burdens the injury has caused. Having financial relief will allow the injured person to concentrate on healing.

THERE IS NEVER A FEE UNLESS WE WIN. It is crucial that all injury victims understand that they do not have to worry about up-front legal fees when they have been injured. We are a contingency fee-based firm that will only charge for our services when we win your case.

Spinal cord injuries are always serious and, in many cases, catastrophic. These injuries often require extensive or lifetime medical care. The injured party has the right to have these costs covered by the responsible party.

If you or your loved one has been injured, schedule a FREE CONSULTATION to find out what our Trenton spinal cord injury lawyer can do to help your case.